Buried Treasure

Thanks to Seth Apter for drawing the art-blog community closer together - again!! He is so amazingly generous; blog world is definitely a better place because of Seth and all his efforts. Here is one of my favorite 'oldies'!

deadlines. all the years I worked at our agency we lived by them. we had drop deadlines too. nice language. get it done or drop dead? think about or do little else until the deadline arrives and the project, thing, action is complete and one can resume living. It has been nearly five years since I've lived - and died more than a few times - in that world. other than paying bills on time, washing socks when everyone starts yelling, and stocking the fridge with the basics, I don't have deadlines. doctor's appointments don't count because you all know that passing the hours in a waiting room is enough to kill anyone. I am fairly self-propelled, albeit somewhat tardy on occasion; my daughter says we put the 'pro' in procrastination. call me human.

today I had a deadline. I have been working on a journal project that has elicited joy, inspiration, new techniques and a creative high beyond my wildest imagination. so it didn't feel very dead. I delivered the 8 freshly varnished books to the gallery where the woman ordered them back in October. I remember my jaw dropped when Frankie told me how she'd priced them... more than I'd ever think of charging, though I think it's natural to undervalue our work, especially early in the game. today she said they were worth every penny, beautiful, each one entirely unique in concept, color, execution. my costs were negligible, but then again, can you put a price on the creative process, the energy and love, attention to detail?
I found out how much love I'd expended when I left them spread on the counter and got in my car to drive back home. It was all so bizarre, how could I possibly feel sad, wistful, empty even?? I called my friend Debbie, who has been making her living as an artist for more than 20 years. She laughed and said she still goes through it, the not-quite-ready-to part with it, kind of like giving away a piece of yourself. How silly?! She said it was a good sign, that I had accomplished my goal. that more than art, each piece is a work of love going out into the universe.
My good friend and professional photographer, Jeff Rogers, photographed the journals in his studio the other day - I'll post them as soon as he gets around to burning the images on a disk. Hmmm, maybe I should have given him a deadline.


Anonymous said…
Awesome journals ;-)
Caterina Giglio said…
congrats on meeting your deadlines and getting those journals done! it feels so good to have the work done doesn't it? and it is always nice to be paid for what we love to do! xo
Mandi said…
Wow...they look fab....they really are treasures....beautiful work Patti.
Anonymous said…
lovely, lovely stuff!! and how fantastic that you've met your deadlines. mine keep changing and life keeps getting in the way -- i admire your ability to stay focused!

and your work looks fantastic, sweets!
Hi Patti! Thanks so much for stopping by!
The doll ornaments weren't at the show, I just made them for a few friends and the one I posted on my site. I would have bought one from you at your show though :). Sometimes you just need the right crowd!
Hi Patti! Thanks so much for stopping by!
The doll ornaments weren't at the show, I just made them for a few friends and the one I posted on my site. I would have bought one from you at your show though :). Sometimes you just need the right crowd!
jill Zaheer said…
Beautifully written story- and the whole concept of deadlines is so fascinating. Love the peek at your journals and look forward to the full pics soon!
Karin Bartimole said…
Congratulations Patti! Love the details and look forward to seeing the pro shots.
I can very much relate to the emotions you are describing - there's is always a let down I go through, with just finishing a body of work. It is that pouring of self into the work, and then stepping away - whoosh, emptied. Not emptied in a 'bad' way, simply ready to be refilled, but in the pause between completion and beginning again there is a sense of loss having completed and released something I was so intimate with for such a long time. All I know is your feelings sound *normal* to me!!
xox K
Karen - you are so right, what a great way to describe those feelings! then the check comes in.... :)
First time at your blog Patti. Work deadlines are the death knell of my energy and my creative flair. Your sense of loss is understandable but when that cheque comes... The sneak peek at your journals entices one to come back for more. I enjoyed your post.
Seth said…
These glimpses are incredible!
Poetic Artist said…
Congrat on your journals..I know I have yet to be able to price my art. That is what I sale!!
I can not wait to see the photo of them.
Take care,
Ragamuffin Gal said…
I can just imagine how beautiful and wonderful they were Patti! I cannot wait to see the pictures! Thanks for letting us accompanying you on your art parting journey. Joy and Blessings to you dear!
Patti, these are so beautiful! Love going out into the universe, indeed. Congrats on meeting your deadline- time is something I really wrestle with.
Anonymous said…
hello lovely! i just popped by to see what new and incredible things you've been up to but you're quiet this week it appears. :) i want to thank you again for all the goodness you sent me last week -- i've used most of the sari silk already if you can believe that! it's such gorgeous stuff! may i ask where you have found it?
Patti, thank you, I'm really pleased to hear that. I love your art too!!!
the key is supposed to stay in the cage just as the rest of the objects.
you can find some photos on my blog, help yourself :)
best wishes
MrCachet said…
A leap of faith isn't it?! I just left twenty-five pieces at a gallery 600 miles from home - and I come home to empty walls. Do another journal or two - or three! I always have a let down after every piece, and I find that if I get more than one iron in my fire, I find it easier to see the day as another opportunity! I really like your mixed media/object art. Wonderful.
There is a lovely quote on this very subject by Douglas Adams, "I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by."
I stopped by last night, but something happened and my internet went hinky. Not from your blog, it just shut down. Now I am back and wanted to tell you, I love all those lovely pieces. It's sometimes good to have deadlines. I know exactly what you mean having worked in industry for years while going to school. I really hope to see these pieces, not just snippets of them (grin).
Gaby Bee said…
It's always fun visiting you. These are really treasures, Patti! Love your work!


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