deLast of deMeng, for now

Finally, after two months, my Assemblook  (deMeng terminology:) from the Random Arts workshop is complete. I knew if I didn't finish it I'd put it away and diminish all the time, energy and creative resources I'd spent learning from Michael deMeng, such a fabulous teacher. 
Altering a book seemed like a fairly simple task, until I realized that there would be four layers of foam board on each 'page' and that, like the rest of my life, it would be an open book. (It will close - not the huge opening in the left side) but then I'd have to do the cover - ha). After many batches of the uszzzzzhhhh!!, mixing paint to look a bit like verdigris, burnt paper and other tricks of his trade, sticky from adding mica, Wholey Paper and everything else I could get my hands on, I feel a sense of completion. Now, I only wish I could take another workshop....

Left-hand 'page'

Click on the Right hand page to view in Flikr


Lani Gerity said…
Ohhhhh, this looks SO cool. No I didn't do this workshop but I would love to!
Would you consider doing a little photo instructional piece for our blog?
Susan Tuttle said…
Oooooo - I love that found object over the photo!

Sherry said…
Patti, this has been a great deal of work and a labour of love from the look of what you're created. It's an incredible piece of art. Congratulations!
Ragamuffin Gal said…
Your art looks so gOOd! I would like to see it in real life! Very Wonderful!
I really love what you did with the pages! the colors are great and they look fantastic!
Patti - I love your work and your photography!!! Beautiful!

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