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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Garden Fairy

While combing through photos I found the garden fairy that I've used for my avatar since I started blogging from the Altered Attic. The statue is in the front yard of a friend's house around the corner; I saw 'her' on one of my photo walks several years ago. 

I started with a cutout of the fairy and a background, and no clue how I was going to merge the two. But since it's 'just watercolor paper' I figured that trying one process/step would lead to the next so I shut my brain off and started playing. Foraging through the far corners of the studio, sifting through supplies and treasures I don't often use proved very useful. The wings are gorgeous lace from my Flights of Fancy stash and I worked on them for quite a while to alter the ivory and blend them with the rest of the colors. I used Golden's pearl mica flake paint and love the texture and the hint of sparkle (so subtle it doesn't show up in the photo:). I continued digging and found some moss - how delightful and no, my studio isn't so bad that I have mushrooms and moss growing. It was in a container and to give it a splash of color I spritzed it with lavender glimmer mist. I used alcohol ink on the silver stars, which don't show up well because of the glare, flowers and leaves from my old Prima stash, cut apart a small fabric gift bag from Japan and heavily applied Pan Pastels to make the color pop. I was happy with the way she turned out so I updated my blogger avatar and have a new art fairy.

What's on your table? 


Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

She is so sweet...the fairy of blessings at the end of the summer. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

~*~Patty S said...

you had me giggling at moss growing on your art table dear Patti
I too am drawn to similar treasures (most well hidden here!)...
dh had mussels at a restaurant the other day and I brought home a few of the shells...
just because ;)

Your angel photo got you going in a wonderfully colorful and textured direction...
fun hearing about your creating with abandon (the only way to go ♥)

Brilliant results and fun to hear the story behind your special avatar

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I adore this new avatar and the piece you created that inspired it. You have some lovely art supplies, too. It was good to read that you have dug them out and are using them. I really like this piece that shows what one can achieve when the spirit moves you.

BTW, my art table looks very UNinspiring.

Caterina Giglio said...

on my table is a box with packing tape!! precious little arting going on at the present... when I first saw your angel I thought you had made a paper cast... love that you are employing those photos that we take and just stack up... xx

My Creative Life said...

So beautifully made, love the colors and the texture, your fairy is so sweet.

Gena Lumbroso said...

Love the colors and the playfulness of this little fairy. She really draws me in as do all the touches you put into it dearie! xx


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