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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mildly Creative - and Then Some!

by Ken, August, 2011

Somewhere along my search for inspiration I ran across Mildly Creative. The proprietor, Ken, may or may not have a chronic illness, but his insights as a 'Quirk in Progress' run parallel to my own thoughts and beliefs. What is better than affirmations from a like-minded creative??

Two of his recent posts hit home in a particularly relevant manner.
The Courage to be Boring speaks to those of us who don't lead socially exciting or outwardly adventurous lives, but derive our meaning and happiness from our internal passions... such as writing and art. One of my favorite quotes: "The best thing I ever realized is that I’d rather be boring than bored." Limits on energy and resources due to chronic illness often force this practice though it's considering it a choice is a fine idea.

My other recent fave,
Doing and Failing is Better than Wishing and Waiting may sound logical and fairly obvious; however, I wonder how many creatives, aside from myself, might benefit from this practice. I highly recommend checking out Ken's brilliant site!

1 comment:

Lynn said...

I'd say you did indeed draw this and quite well too.
Bored? Hardly ever.
Try and fail? Sure how else does one learn?
Sit and wish? I'd rather make it happen. Enjoying your comments on my paintings. thanks so much.


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