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Saturday, September 11, 2010

(Isobel's) Pearl Dreams

The last of my three canvases for the New Editions Show is (Isobel's) Pearl Dreams. I saved it for last because it's my favorite... maybe it will sell and that will make me happy - I suppose. Selling art is a goal, a dream and I dearly wish I could sell enough to at least pay for my art supplies. But I've gotten attached to Isobel, though she's not here but safely tucked away at the gallery.

The cool thing about cradled canvases is being able to continue the art on the sides, if that's what you call them. I think it makes for a nice presentation and it's fun continuing the theme...

Another two of Jim's (hubby) pieces. He has four pieces in the show and, though I tease him about it, his work has been shown and sold for years, while I'm the newbie:) The post cards/invitations have gone out though I haven't yet gotten my stash yet.

The titles of his are Safe In My Place and Introduction (below). Cool, huh?


Lori said...

I'd have a hard time parting with Isobel! Very nice.

Diane Costanza said...

I love the safe in my place piece. It is so whimsical. Birds are wonderful as subject matter.


winnsangels said...

Isobel's pearl dreams - fabulous. Your art is wonderful Patti. Know that if she sells you will make a piece just as lovely for yourself. You really must create for yourself too love. Beautiful angel.
Keeping you in thought and prayer.
Angels be with you.

Anonymous said...

I've added a link to you from my nigeArt blog with the green bird up here, if you don't agree, please don't hesitate to tell me and I will delete, wish you a lovely afternoon

Elizabeth Golden said...

I love thes and want them all. So whimsical and full of texture. Gorgeous!


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