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Friday, February 12, 2010

Journaling - On the Outside

Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever get tired of journals... every time I paint soft blues and greens I think... next time I'll be bold enough to try vibrant red. If I use a window I think about a door I saw up the street, nicely weathered and rusted; flowers? Oh, well, something grungy is in order.
I'm trying to finish three more for a gallery opening next week, so it's a darn good thing I'm not running out of ideas. It's my second exhibit and I'm psyched, though I'm finding it a bit challenging to frame these.... floating them on mat board seems to work best. I doubt I'll have the good fortune I had last October, when I sold eight journals (different gallery) and the client paid a hefty price for them. Come to think of it, I never posted those and they are still some of my favorites - I used a lot of materials that I wouldn't have imagined as complimentary to the front of a small book. Well, I have to do SOMEthing with all that jewelry and bling I've acquired.
The scans I do for posting here don't really do them justice; fortunately one of my best pals, Jeff Rogers, is a pro and will photograph them for me next week. He recently published Kentucky Wide II, his second book of Panoramic Photographs, all showing the un-Commonwealth of Kentucky. Check out that page on his site where you'll see several of the photos in the book. They are incredible. Yours truly wrote the forward of course:)


~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

How exciting to have your artwork in shows and to sell your journals !
I am such a sucker for blues and greens!
This cover is lovely, very nice closeup too!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I miss journaling so much! Hopefully this is the kick I need...


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