Patti Edmon Altered Attic: Peace Angel Altered Tin

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Peace Angel Altered Tin

This Peace Angel is for a winter wonderland-themed altered tin swap, still apropos considering the cold front that is approaching Kentucky. And it's only 30 degrees! Fortunately the altered attic is very well insulated and being on the third floor, stays toasty warm.  

I may be a couple of months late  but fortunately my swap pal and I use the same calendar! Wonder if she has started on mine... I love altering tins and this time I wanted to try something new, so I made a cutout with my trusty dremel, and twisted the edges back for an uneven, yet, rustic look. It was also a good reason to heat up the beeswax, mmmm, love that smell and the way found objects, lace even, can be repositioned with a blast of the heat gun.

Angels abound at Christmas but like Spruce trees, adorn our lives all year long. A gold halo and wings? How else would they fly... Love the little german glass doll that I snatched up at Kristin's Retro Art Cafe, along with an assortment of heads and other body parts. The 'Peace' charm on the front was part of a necklace at some point in time, and we don't we all hope and/or pray daily for that?! I guess I am finding all the reasons why being late is better than being never and that the thought truly is what counts. I also doubt I'll enter any swaps after October again, considering the difficulty I have coordinating my list with my energy level!


Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

Wow Patti!!! This is incredible! I LOVE how you cut a hole in the tin! And thank you so much for posting my link - I have plenty left. You are so clever!!!

Karin said...

That looks really cool Patti! I stumbled across Kristen's pieces parts last month and was very intrigued - it's fun to see them put to creative use here. I want some just to hold and have!!
Putting deadlines on art and creativity is never an easy thing :) Glad you got it done and found a partner that lives with a similar calendar!
xox K

Anonymous said...

That's beautiful, Patti! I like the little window that allows the little angel to peek out from


Kathy said...

I have never thought to make a window in the tin. You are so smart!!!! And it worked beautifully, this tin is amazing. Thanks for the visit, I must add you to my blogroll to rember to come to see you more.


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