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Monday, November 17, 2008

new collage

amid the glitter and gold of holiday production, I managed to set aside some time to work on my development as a creative... an... art person. artist. ok, I said it. I still somehow manage not to consider myself an artist - in fact, this piece is the latest of a very small handful that aren't functional in any way.  I mean, the clock doesn't even work. ha. 
the collage I used for my banner is another non-utilitarian piece - I made it long before I had an inkling that I'd blog. I don't hesitate to  make art on journal covers and ornaments and switch plates, but  working on canvas is still somewhat foreign ground. so I started with a small one.  


Melissa said...

This piece is absolutely dreamy!


sherry smyth said...

Lovely are such a gifted artist (there I said it for you!!!). :)

iHanna said...

Small is a good start, canvas is not a scary place to be but it is difficult to start being productive as you need storage or lots of friends that you want to give art to! ;-)

Love this collage!

Grace Lee said...

I like your combination of objects and images. I didn't see the dreamy eyes behind the window at first, they add mystery. I love the quote by Carl Jung. Congratulations on a beautiful creation.

Lucy said...

You don't give yourself enough credit--you ARE an Artist! Who says beautiful wall art isn't functional?? It definitely serves a purpose in my book :)

Lovely creation :)

Karin said...

Yeah! You said it :) Name it and claim it Artista Sista!
Grace Lee said pretty much exactly my experience - first I was engaged by the bolder images and objects, then pulled in more deeply by the more subtle layers that do indeed help to reinforce the dream like quality of the piece and message of the quote. Put it all together and you've created artwork that I find successful on multiple levels. How do you feel about it?

My Vintage Studio said...

Thank you for visiting my blog.
Your art is beautiful! I love the colors and textures.
Yes, you are an artist...such inspiration!
Hope you are feeling better!
Hugs, Sharon

Anonymous said...

Wow, the concept that you don't consider yourself an artist is mind boggling to me. To me the "purpose" of creations such as these is to hang on a wall and admire the beauty.

It's a shame we can't step outside ourselves sometimes to see the beauty in our work that others find immediately. It's wonderful that you've used the word artist despite how awkward it may feel, it is the truth.

burning windmill said...

this is scrummy, have you considered selling greeting cards of your work? you could earn many a coin!

Heather Robinson said...

I just feel like I've been handed a delicious gift in finding your blog. It is beautiful in every way. Your entries are thoughtful and diverse and your artwork is stunning. Thank you so much for leaving me a comment today. Sure hope you don't mind if I link you. I'd like to visit often.


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