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Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Day at the Beach

Jetting off to Florida for a beach wedding.... how romantic, even if it wasn't ours. I've never done it, so of course it sounded exotic. So, we'll try not to think about how we got up at 5:00 for a dry run (missed our original 7:00 a.m. flight), were selected for additional security and the bracelet that was stuck halfway up my arm went undetected 27 times. Jim (dh) had to turn the propellor so the plane would start... But the pilots were waving and the flights were short.

Once we arrived in Fort Walton Beach, we rented a GPS, along with a brand new Jeep. It didn't understand that the WaterColor Beach area is all so new that none of the streets are in the system but our arrival was only delayed by 45 minutes. And what an arrival! The 4500 square foot house we stayed in (on the market for 2.5 million) was grander than we'd ever imagined.

The bedroom was fit for royalty, or newlyweds:) And after traveling for 15 hours it didn't take us long to crash on Saturday night, after availing ourselves of the walk-in bath that is larger than our second floor.

The next morning, after an infusion of coffee, we slid from the bed and dressed (casually, fortunately) and headed to the garden for music, readings, communion and what turned out to be a bit of a roast. The groom has been one of my best friends for almost 20 years. We were psyched, to say the least.

You may now kiss the bride, eat barbecue and cake and head to the beach for one of the grandest sunsets I've ever witnessed! A late dinner at a biker hangout in Grayton Beach, crashed again (fortunately all the crashing happened on the ground), up Sunday, coffee and hit the road... for the airport.  

The GPS system also tried to send us to the bombing range at the nearby Air Force Base, so the agent was calling our names when we hurtled the seats and hit the gate. It's a lovely place and I'd highly recommend a vacation there, Seaside, Rosemary Beach, Grayton Beach, all in the Panhandle. Next time I'm hoping to take the kids and wander through the galleries and shops, sample more of the seafood... next time.
In the mean time, congrats to Jeff & Missy, may all of your sunsets be so blissful.


Karin said...

welcome home! Though it was a whirlwind trip, it looks and sounds like you all did a great job at going with the flow. What a gorgeous environment to attend a wedding for dear friends - with the bonus that the weather cooperated!! Hope you have a peaceful and restorative weekend ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh what a wonderful trip you had, well despite all the "glitches". That sunset is fabulous!

burningwindmill said...

oh my golly, what a lovely adventure, je suis tres jellous


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