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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Think Pink

I don't think I need to tell you that October is the official month that we take action in the fight against breast cancer; we're surrounded by an incredible dose of evidence - on blogs, in magazines,  and the volume of pink ribbons that grow exponentially each year. At least I shouldn't have to. Wouldn't it be nice if the collective energy meant no more new cases, that the efforts to find a cure had been successful? 
Five years ago, just after a friend was diagnosed, I ordered fifty  pink wristbands from the Susan G. Komen Foundation so there would be plenty to go around at an October school fund-raising event. They came in just in time and she was heartened to see so many women wearing them in her honor. She also looked great when I saw her in the grocery the other night, buying poster board for a college class project.
I've had a number of friends endure and most all are survivors. The smartest thing we can do to honor those special ones is to take care of ourselves, to schedule a mammogram today if it's overdue. To remind friends and loved ones to do the same. And support the cause.
I just purchased this beautiful collage from Sherry at Esprit d' Art, who is doing her part to make a difference. A fabulously talented artist, wife, mom and great friend, and three-plus year survivor, Sherry has a variety of art available at  Shop for a Cure. Sales are raising money for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.
So, if you somehow managed to be oblivious to the media shouts and ribbons and races, events and galas held in October,  hear it now. Take care of yourself, honor the courageous, inspiring survivors  you know and do something to make a difference. I have to believe that if we all keep working together it will matter, that our daughters and granddaughters won't have to live with the current statistics that are chilling, startling - our odds of being touched by cancer are 1 in 9, way too high for my comfort zone. 
Thanks to Sherry and everyone else dedicated to the cause.


Alice Underwood said...

Patti, I love your beautiful blog. I wrote a story for you about the angel on your site. When you have a moment take a look at it and tell me what you think!

Patti said...

When I photographed her, along with the one I used in the collage that is my banner, I only knew that the angels graced the porch of our mutual neighbor. I never knew there was a story there... I read it on your blog - it's great!!

Tani said...

Ok, I must be oblivious, thanks for the reminder. I had to cancel the mammogram I'd had scheduled in August...but didn't rescedule. I'll do that now. It will be my first one.

Sherry said...

Faith looks so beautiful on your blog Patti!! And posting her worked..Tani has hopefully rescheduled that mammogram and that makes my heart happy. The first one is "hard" because you don't know what to expect but it's so doable and it's so important. Well done Patti and well done Tani ♥

Marylinn Kelly said...

For you, Patti, and friends here in California who have taken illness and created a community, thank you. Sometimes we are bound together by things we couldn't imagine. And I love the colors and spirit of Third Street Stuff, plus the fact that they are carrying your art. Big cheers.

Tani said...

I did it - I'm scheduled for week after next. Thank you, Patti and Sherry. My mom, who passed away 10 years ago, was in x-ray and did mammograms in our small community. I have since met women who have told me, "I knew your mother!" - their hands literally fly to their breasts - "She did all my mammograms; she was so caring and gentle."

So. It's about time I went! She would be smiling.

Sherry said...

Well done Tani ♥!! Your mother would be very proud of you and it must warm your heart incredibly to hear other women speak so fondly of her.

Grace Lee said...

Thank you for the reminder. I'm also due for a check up.


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