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Friday, October 3, 2008

Art in a Carton

It's Like Christmas in October!

When I signed on to participate in Art in a Carton, a few months back, I thought it sounded fun, like a way to connect with a variety of artists I'd never met and, well, just a cool idea. I didn't think about the fact that it would begin with a carton. Filled with incredible art. The package I got the other day from Susan - who lives in Germany - was packed with exceptionally high quality pieces. the matchbook and carton are beautifully embellished. 

The notebook - is actually a cover with a pad of post-it notes inside! And just when I'd gotten over my addiction to post-it notes. At one time I had lined pads, flags, tiny rectangular ones, in a variety of colors... What a great idea. The thing I like most about this project is the lack of restrictions. Whatever fits in a carton.
The packet rattled, like it was an embellished seed package, but I couldn't find any trace of labeling, so I had to open it - very carefully (I still can't figure out how she sealed it) and found beads, thingies and a length of 2-1/2" wide gorgeous ribbon -  leaves in shades of turquoise, red and gold - I've never seen any like it, which means I'll probably keep it until one day, when a project requires this precise piece and I part with it, painfully.  
I love the global sharing of art materials, like this ribbon from Germany. Maybe I'll include a packet of bluegrass seed, or bourbon, something horsey... all that Kentucky is known for (drinking and gambling??)

Now it's my turn to make three cartons - one will go back to Susan, another to a gal in Spain and one to.... you??Hopefully one of you will leave me a comment (or email me) and say you want to play. Did I mention the other really great thing about this project? In each of the cartons I send will have address labels in them and two will be mine! So, one day I'll get two more delightful surprise packages!

It's very easy to play, I know many of you already have, but if not, let me know. I'll send you the details - or you can click on the Art in a Carton logo in the right hand column, for the scoop. Come on now, who's game??


Sherry said...

Ah, you are the recipient of one of Susan's cartons that are going around the world. Hope you find that 3rd person to play...I enjoyed doing it too.

Susan Tuttle said...

Hi Patti,
What lovely gifts from afar! You lucky girl you!


torre said...

Hi there Patti,
I am on the list for the ART-IN-A-CARTON and also have received one carton from Lynne White in AZ. I cannot wait to get one from Susan (what a wonderful idea)If you haven't sent the last carton, I would love to receive the creative carton that you create.
Torre Hanvey from AL.

burning windmill said...

oh my gosh I simply adore your work, I want to eat it


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