Patti Edmon Altered Attic: April 2015

Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Amazing Creative Journey

Warrior? Egyptian Princess? Just plain bizarre? Whatever she appears to be she is close to my heart, one of my most favorite paintings.

Adding new techniques, taking workshops and painting every day is the way we grow as artists. My path certainly isn't linear, sometimes it feels like going off on a tangent, then making a sharp right, kind of like those molecular drawings without the science, or the lines connecting them.
It is great fun to let go and see what comes of the next, brief stop along the journey. While having a blast, I do feel like my work is all over the place. My BFF Rachel, and my artist-husband, Jim assure me there is a commonality among the diversity. 

That makes me happy, though I don't always recognize it. I wonder, how winding has your path been, is there a theme to your body of work, or several over time? So many artist I admire greatly produce fabulous works that aren't at all similar yet I can usually spot the signature, the one aspect that runs like a river through their pieces. It must be easier to see in others what we cannot see in ourselves.

A friend recently commissioned me to paint an angel, similar to one I sold several months ago. I found out just how difficult it is to go back and recreate earlier work. The one above is an option I wanted to give him because it's more current, the one below is as similar as I could get to the one he liked. It's the one he wants and that's great but I can spot the changes in technique, so perhaps I've answered my own question. 

How would you describe your creative journey? I'd love to know...


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