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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Got Junk?

Who has to worry about running out of junk, stuff, rusty parts and curious bits? Not me. This printer's tray was been parked against a wall in the studio for years and then became highly visible after brief stretches of organization. One day last week, I was particularly drained and decided it would be a brain friendly, albeit creative way to spend the afternoon.  I've seen these trays for years with brilliant collections of oddities and I thought it would be time consuming; however, it was frighteningly easy. I didn't have to dig very deep at all to locate more than enough small odds and ends to fill the rectangular/horizontal spaces.

A quality photo would require a different lens, so, after much effort and delay I decided to publish this one anyway, because the point isn't about stunning photography. It has everything to do with an abiding passion for art, my saving grace. Creating daily (with rare exceptions) improves mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health. My stress level has been been magnified recently, which has fueled many hours of anxiety and sadness, feeling overwhelmed and spiraling out into strange, deep space. Not close to my emotional center, my happy place. 

A while back I established an early morning ritual of brewing coffee, putting on my headphones and tucked away in my studio, I begin by considering the endless possibilities for paint, canvas, paper, ink, stuff and more stuff. This habit defines me and helps block my vision of past and future by bringing me back to a known, safe place where I belong, in the present moment; the here and now.

The projects might vary widely but the one thing they have in common is the validation and satisfaction that comes with making something that did not exist before. Filling this tray was easy, fun and a reminder that no matter what the day brings, I can create a physical manifestation of my curiosity, fears, joy and sorrow, underlined by a comforting sense of my truest identity. Amazing. 


Sharmon Davidson said...

Patti, I also find art to be my saving grace in dark times; I have been in my own strange, deep spaces at times. Making art is an amazing gift and blessing, a steadying lifeline, always. Your assemblage is quite wonderful, and a beautiful reminder of art's healing power.

Caterina Giglio said...

well, you know I agree, it is a hammock... art is... holding us in pure grace... and making something from nothing is what we do... xox

Seth said...

Spectacular! We all have so many "things" and displaying each one as you have allows us to see what treasures they really are!

CatieAn said...

Patty I have had one of these printer drawers hangin in out hallway for years. It is filled with the odd little trinket. Some found objects..some little gifts..some tiny toys that belonged to our now adult children. I never fail to realize how many memories fill these tiny spaces. ENjoy


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