Patti Edmon Altered Attic: February 2014

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Can it be?? Really?

Got an anonymous comment (four to be exact) on my last post about how vanilla my title was and that I really should add more content. Then anonymous went on to say I should visit Yahoo (not that yahoo, for sure!), and so on. I love reading those - the bad grammar, broken sentences, what a hoot!

As I've continued to paint faces on a daily basis, I believe I've (finally) turned a corner. After complaining to my husband that they all my faces looked like a variation on the same theme, I realized that's because I've been using the same approach. And, Jim told me I really needed to loosen up before another, truer voice would appear. How true! Instead of starting off with torn bits of pages I'd painted, I went with black gesso, such a stark difference. Then I added color(s) and then scribbled on the background to show some character and hopefully a bit of the black.

Below is the beginning of the painting I posted last week - fairly bizarre - at least to my prior thinking style. But the more scribbly I worked, the more fun I had, and with results that I'm actually pleased with. A month ago I would have looked at the above beginning with horror - you mean, it's OK not to make pretty art (as my good friend Lesley Riley says)??

I'm a long way from where I want to be but so much closer than I was a week ago - if that makes sense. The word journey is defined as: traveling from one place to another. While I've kept the music blaring (headphones are my security blanket) and the coffee brewing, I came to see that this alteration in approach was the only way to get to the next place. And to me there is nothing more alive and exciting than being immersed in truly creative process, not over-thinking, just doing. After all, a bit of paint and an 8x10 canvas from Dick Blick aren't really that expensive. So, I hope you'll agree that I'm learning to loosen up a bit and play!

The anonymous poster also said I should add more content to my posts. Hmmm, I've always thought I had a decent blend of writing and art. Perhaps I'll visit Yahoo...


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