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Monday, October 28, 2013

30 days and 42 faces later

I had just found my groove... using my photography and writing to create mixed-media pages. Then I went to Random Arts (the coolest place ever) for a painting workshop. Being familiar with paint and loving Saluda seemed like good enough reasons to go. 

Like I said, I hadn't painted a single face before. Ever. I suppose it's logical, then, to return and do nothing in the studio except paint faces. Forty-two to be exact. And I'm still not completely sure why I'm doing it, just trusting that there doesn't have to be a solid reason other than the fact that I'm creating and learning. These are posted in order of occurrence.

I've felt like a beginner since I started making art. Every time a finish a series using one voice, I switch languages (thanks to Lesley Riley for that metaphor!). But this bender has been one of the biggest surprises of all considering that I've never ever been inspired to paint faces before the workshop. 

I've also spent hours examining the compelling, unique and delightful faces being created by far more experienced artists. I suppose the only justification I need to continue is that I do enjoy it, though if I had one I won't quit my day job. So for now, I will just accept that this phase is another dimension of my creative identity and I'll see what's next when I get there.

My faces are evolving and I've experimented with a variety of techniques - collage, black gesso, bright colors, Stabilo pencils... (sure is hard to keep those eyeballs white!). 

But in spite of longing for other art supplies - the rusty metal, lace and cajillion doodads that call from drawers, bins and shelves, I continue to paint pages...

A renewed commitment to posting regularly was also derailed by this endeavor, since I felt like I was doing the same thing over and over and what fun is that in a blog post? But as I photographed a handful of favorites I realized that the geography of the face has been the only constant and there are endless variations on the theme.


Linda said...

Oh please, do more faces! Don't be afraid to doodle faces on a napkin or in the mist on the window... Go with it... I really like them, great job Patti! Thanks for sharing them.

~*~Patty S said...

I Love and enjoy the languageS your artistic voice leads you dear Patti!
What a fabulous thing to be taken to a place you had not ventured before and just look at those wonderful faces = Amazing you are...don't stop your 'bender' ♥
Really fun reading this post
getting to see those fab faces you can't stop creating!
Who knows what November will bring...

Caterina Giglio said...

good for you and looks like you are having so much fun with your new languages!! xox


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