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Saturday, August 24, 2013

old photographs, scissors and baby wipes

This is one of my favorites (so far - ha). Jim and I were wandering around the small town of Cynthiana (Kentucky) and walked by an old store front and noticed these dolls mounted and stuck in a dusty corner, and I took a quick shot.That was back in 1988, maybe 1991, a long time ago to say the least! I'm still a bit stunned by the number of pieces I've been finishing and I love that the detail, texture, quirkiness, weathered or rusty surfaces I loved to photograph then are the way I paint now.  

Having a chronic illness prevents me from roaming the countryside in search of interesting subjects. I've tried digital collage - wow that is such an entirely vast new universe - but love getting paint on my hands so for now I'm sticking with acrylics. And reinkers, pan pastels, stencils, fabric, paper scraps, old window screens, wallpaper*, fibers, embossing, resist, beeswax and other stuff in my studio. I'm so fortunate to have been able to collect such a diverse, myriad storehouse of goodies. It makes me feel rich, one of the benefits of illness I mentioned; such intense waves of pure joy that I don't recall feeling often back in the hectic, type A do-it-all days.

Now for some sad news. One of my first ever pair of art scissors broke, obviously from the years of use considering it's the handle not the blades. Together, we learned to cut straighter lines, rounder circles and detailed shapes... sigh. I don't know whether to observe a moment of silence or find the duct tape 

You know you're an artist if you have a favorite brand of baby wipes but no baby. I've accumulated quite a stack with such a variety of colors. If anyone has used upcycled dried-up (art) wipes in a project please share ideas - they're too cool not to use them!

PS: The comments I get on posts about chronic illness rock my world... yeah, those benefits!


Lynn Cohen said...

I've used dryer sheets and papertowels in art with good success. Colored tissue paper is fun to glue as colors run and textures form!

Hope your old faithful scissors make it into an art piece!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I adore that mixed media piece you made using your old photo. How wonderful. It speaks to me.

I have all kinds of handy wipes. Never used baby wipes because I understand they are heavier than the freebie wipes I get to wipe my cart and hands at the grocery store. I've even noticed different stores have different patterns.

I use mine in art quilts. They sew fantastically, and they are pretty much destructive proof. HOWEVER, don't try to iron them if they get wrinkled. They will melt onto your iron. It's no fun getting the mess off, either (grin).

Like Lynn, I've also used dryer sheets (easy to sew on fabric) and paper towels (better on paper). Just goes to show, there are freebies everywhere.

~*~Patty S said...

Lots to enjoy here Patti and I feel ya on your favorite scissors = darn!
In addition to it being a cool photo I am equally impressed that you had access to it...I take oodles of pictures and trying to file them away on the computer is a constant challenge it seems!
Using mixed media ingredients is something that delights me no end wipes have been buried on my work table for a long time now...need to dig them out again ;)

Seth said...

Love the new piece. And I love that pile of baby wipes. tell most people you are saving used baby wipes and they might get the wrong idea. Tell a mixed media artist...and they just get it!


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