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Friday, July 19, 2013

More fun with photos

Working in a watercolor book - rather than starting on another canvas - has been one of the most liberating creative experiences ever. I don't have a lot of room in my studio and I'm currently not making any efforts to show or sell so the watercolor book is also far more economical.  
Working in an open book also enhances my willingness to art more often and experiment more than ever. The biggest issue I'll have is that I may have to cut the pages out and re-bind them due to the dimensional aspect. I'm only seven pages in and the book won't exactly close. 
The enlarged close-up shot of an old bottle top isn't quite as interesting a focal point as some, but in keeping with the old black & white photo theme, I had hours of fun: coloring, staining, grunging, embossing, using pan pastels, reinkers, oil pastels and acrylics to stamp and paint over texture and trim, wallpaper and old book pages. Cutting up an old screen, scrap cardboard, a piece of wood, digging through my stash of wire and bottle caps - and wholey paper of course.

Same thing with Game Room... aside from the door the photo is building and weeds and I couldn't quite get a print that was, well, interesting. Micaceous Iron Oxide is one of my new favorite colors and with the exception of the red I wanted this page to be monochromatic. The door opens and inside are some 50s guys enjoying a drink between hands of poker... and there is a tiny photo of the country store guy on the right panel, who knows, maybe he runs the establishment called The Game Room. On to the next page...

The letters at the bottom spell 'play' but due to contrast and metal issues I couldn't get a good photo.

I hope you are having a great summer and making lots of art - thanks for looking at mine!

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