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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A card for Alice

I wanted to make something for my gorgeous daughter's 16th birthday, naturally. I've made books, scrapbooks, a light switch plate, door hanger and written her dozens of letters. So this year I decided to make a card, which I don't often do since my husband, Jim, is the resident greeting card guru, king, champ. He has been illustrating greeting cards for Oatmeal Studios for more than 25 years and a few of his designs remain best sellers. I digress. This post is more about the need for creative flexibility, knowing when a project is done, and, well, finishing what I've started. 

My track record for completion, especially when it comes to online workshops, isn't great but I think I've made peace with that. I do feel a bit guilty though I've paid the fee and nobody can see me not finish! I may not follow through but I've realized that I take away quite a number of elements that I can use in my own work. So, in addition to celebrating my incredible girl, this is also the result of a recent workshop with the fabulously talented __________________. Bet it's not too hard to guess:)

Peace and blessings, happy summer to you all! 


Caterina Giglio said...

what a splendid card, and whenever I take a class, I feel great if I am just exposed to the techniques, let alone finish anything!! xox

Belladonna said...

Wonderful card, a perfect gift!


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