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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Seth Apter and Buried Treasure

Is it just me or does Seth Apter find more inventive ways to keep the online mixed-media community connected than one would think possible? Thanks to Seth, The Altered Page, the Buried Treasure has been launched. Bloggers dig through the archives for a favorite, for whatever reason, post and republish it. Hence the name, Buried Treasure.
I was fortunate to cross paths with Seth and have been included in many of his creative collaboration endeavors. He is truly the treasure! Take a look at the blogs listed on his page, along with his favorite posts - you won't be disappointed!


Stacey Merrill said...

I'm a big fan of Seth's work & his blog. Always something interesting going on over there. Thanks for popping by my buried treasure &, yep, I'm in 52 Pickup too. I need to check out the group page again - just juggling too many things (as usual)

Lindi Stevenson said...

Hi Patti - Seth truly is a friend to all artists. You are right - he is the treasure! Because of him, we have now visited each other's blog and I have enjoyed getting a glimpse of your work. Your Kleenes box journal was right up my alley! I will be back...thanks for visiting me.
Lindi www.lindistevensoncom Art in Real Life


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