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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Flocked Wallpaper Anyone? Please?

My supply of vintage wallpaper was dwindling, so when I ran across these two papers in an Etsy shop I ordered without hesitation. Had I taken a few more minutes, it would have been apparent that I was buying two rolls of flocked wallpaper, not swatches. A lifetime supply... or great for sharing! If you'd like to have a strip, let me know. Please.

One of the coolest things about exploring a junk store and examining treasures in hand, as opposed to online, is that there's often more than first meets the eye. Yes, I'm a paper/book junkie, so I like most everything I run across. The seller, a southern Kentucky junk man to the core, wondered why I wanted a cover that didn't have a book attached to it; after a brief discussion he threw it in for free:)

Then I found the writing on the inside of another book and it turned a $3 find into gold. It's beyond fascinating to travel back into another person's long-ago thoughts. The curve of the letters, the flourishes, sentiments. Such passion in these prayers that fills me with the sense of connection. Not sure what I'll do with it, but someday...  

Then there's all the cool stuff I didn't buy! Maybe next time. If you want wallpaper, seriously, let me know!


Seth said...

What incredible finds. That handwritten note in the book is a true treasure!

Caterina Giglio said...

wonderful treasures, and the notes in the book are lovely, I am always looking for old journals... fun to go junking with you!!

Belladonna said...

You are so talented searcher, wonderful treasures!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I love your finds. Even the ones you left behind were quite photogenic. And yes, I would LOVE some flocked wallpaper.

angi eharis said...

i am so jealous when i see the treasures people find in their journies to junk shop heavens, living way out here in the jungle, no junk shops, but u really got some good stuff! i would die for some wallpaper, i just stumbled on to your blog and i love your artwork! i signed on to be a follower and look forward to more of your art and junkshop finds! aloha, angi in hana p.s. how do u do your back grounds and "grundge" everything? tx for sharing and inspiring!


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