Patti Edmon Altered Attic: May 2013

Sunday, May 5, 2013

For the birds

My husband, Jim Edmon, is a true creative in every sense of the word. An artist since childhood and graphic design warrior for 25 years, he is an illustrator for both stock and clients (Balance Creative), and he has a line of greeting cards. He's also a prolific mixed-media artist and was selling paintings at galleries years before I picked up a paint brush. One of the most fascinating qualities about being a creative and living with one is is the approach to an ordinary or basic task. A chronic list-maker, his pages are filled with odd jobs, ideas and his words become secondary to the doodles and sketches. 

So, when he decided to build bird feeders I had no idea what to expect. And his first endeavor (above) is functional for sure, but what a cool piece of art. Wood (mostly repurposed) is a staple in his studio, used for substrates and frames and the figures and birds he carves for paintings.   
Jim has been my biggest supporter, since I turned to art after retiring from our business due to health reasons. I went from stealing his art supplies to ordering my own, though I do love his brushes:) and we've had lots of fun poking around junk stores looking for the good stuff.  

When he brought these home I flipped! Boxes of player piano music in their original boxes, some signed by the pianist/composer. I have no idea (yet) what I'm going to do with this fabulous find, so for now it will go to the studio where I can admire the detail and craftsmanship. 

Then there's rusty junk. Who doesn't love it?? Jim's (business) landlord decided to have a salvage sale and we couldn't resist! The guy was a bit puzzled by our 'selection' and he gave me most of it (looked like salvage to me:) but I don't even have to make a rust bath! I'm nearly finished with my daughter's book and can't wait to get started on whatever comes next!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Not quite certain why I tend to stick more irons in the fire than there are flames, particularly in the spring when my arthritis is most ill-behaved. The past month has had more flare days than good ones, though I try to find ways to create even if I can't work in the studio.

I've spent studio days finishing the greeting-card book I'm making for my lovely daughter - in her favorite colors. I honestly cannot believe how fun it is and how much I enjoy the continuous problem solving that arises during any 'first-time' project. I've made progress on the cover (wow, talk about problem solving!) and all the spreads are ready to bind. 


Each spread has one side for attaching notes or photos and I've branched out quite a bit, making pockets, flaps, mini-books and using wire (and fibers) in ways I haven't tried before. A great creative stretching exercise for sure!

That's one of the many aspects of workshops that I love, love, love (along with learning new techniques:). I'm currently taking Lesley Riley's Compose Yourself and Sally Jean's Princess Collage; talk about an adrenalin-rush excitement, these amazing artists have so much to offer and I can't wait to soak it all up! I've also ordered a couple of Seth Apter's, which I'm sure will be as amazing as he is. 

Speaking of workshops, the Red Thread Retreat, (October 2012), is where I learned, played, drank wine and had a blast with 17 other fabulous women - one of the best weekends ever! That's where I met my pal, the lovely and talented Rachel Stewart (creative force behind Blue Finch Jewelry). She recently made earrings for a number of new followers after a Grow Your Blog party. And she surprised me with a pair! Not only are they gorgeous, but (unbeknownst to her), I collect roosters and it's my Chinese Zodiac animal. Astrology isn't a guiding force in my life but it's fairly fascinating!

I hope you're making time to create and that whatever you're working on brings you much joy!  


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