Patti Edmon Altered Attic: March 2013

Friday, March 29, 2013

recycled sock inserts

An exciting title - ha - but really just about anything fit for the recycling bin can be a substrate... Kleenex boxes, cigar boxes, puzzle pieces, or in this case, the foot-shaped inserts that came with my son's no-show socks. My photo background is also very glamorous - the underside of an old file box top - wrinkles and all.

What I find so enjoyable about these low-tech projects (thanks to Seth Apter for the term:) is that it's WAY easier to let loose and work without that tricky-thinking brain that sometimes turns into a major block.  It also makes me feel a bit better about having accumulated so many supplies that I don't often use - velvet leaves and fabric flowers, stamps, something from just about every bin and drawer in the studio. the gold half-circle with dangling coins is a vintage piece from a costume I wore, well, over 30 years ago! Did I mention it also eases my mind about being a pack rat? A watch face, mica, beads, lace and sari ribbon all add the texture and detail I so love to create.

I'll eventually get back to canvas, though once I have a background done I proceed with so much more deliberation. There is so much to be said for making art from leftovers - it's literally not possible to mess up something already destined for the recycling bin. And, they're turning out to be favorites! I've started a new tissue box book and I'm bummed that I won't be able to get to the studio for a week! But, glad for the reason - a spring break trip to a cabin in the mountains with my family and a few extras:)

It hasn't snowed in three days here so maybe spring really has arrived... hope it's there too, wherever you are! 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Finished book pages

Looking at gessoed panels and unfinished pages is fascinating... for about half a second. Slipped my mind that I hadn't posted any of the results, after I added elements until I couldn't add any more - and I'm really happy about the way they turned out!

As I mentioned in the earlier post, I tried to incorporate processes and materials that I don't use often - stamps, rub-ons and stickers, tiny charms, transparencies, flowers...

I settled on found words as a concept. Random phrases and found-word poetry and words as art, with no particular theme or subject matter.
Even when each page was fairly packed with elements, I added to them until they felt really done!

So much fun that I've started another, no plans for them, just enjoying the creative process...

Friday, March 15, 2013

Fabulous giveaway!

My lovely blog friend, Caterina Giglio, is giving away three fabulous pieces of her art, any of which I would LOVE to own. OK, if I really had to choose, it would be this one!

Hop over to La Dolce Vita and enter too (though I really hope I win:)

La Mode, Caterina Giglio

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Low Tech Kleenex Fun

Not long after whining about the art rut, I was browsing on Create Mixed Media and came across a video featuring Seth Apter, the amazing artist, person and creative friend extraordinaire. In the preview of the Easy Mixed Media Techniques for the Art Journal DVD, 'low tech' was a term he used to describe using whatever we have at hand to complement our fancy, expensive art supplies (my words:). After watching him make fabulous texture on watercolor paper using acrylics, gesso, wallpaper and doodling, I was inspired to play. The 'low tech' approach made it easy to bypass my art critic in residence (in my brain) and start...

I cut apart a Kleenex box and applied gesso to the panels, leaving a few of their design elements showing


Making a book using a tissue box, coffee bags, anything recycled has many benefits. First, how can you screw up a Kleenex box? No fine art standards in this project. It also stimulates creativity by thinking outside the box (OK, that was BAD), and there is one less item in the trash/recycling bin.

I chose a limited number of colors - green, red, blue, brown and yellow, no blending or mixing.

I embellished the pages with scraps of lace, paper, found objects, gesso and bottle caps and then intentionally pulled from the drawers I rarely open. Maybe I'm the only one who sees stickers and rub-ons, stamps, charms and other odds and ends and they look so cool I just have to have them. Then they sit in drawers because I'm not sure how to use them or they don't fit into a painted canvas.  

I loved prepping the pages so much that I almost felt 'finished' but then decided to make it a found-word mini-journal. And realized that the fun had just begun.


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