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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The third in the series of 12x12 canvases featuring Frozen Charlottes (and cabinet cards) is perhaps my favorite so far. I think it's the glove... one of those rare treasures that - once discovered - becomes a must have. The glove has been in one of my many collection bins for three years. I could not imagine how I would use it, but hoped that one day there would be a moment of realization that it would be just right for a piece of art. 

I enjoy sifting, sorting, stacking and perusing the objects, papers, fabrics, junk jewelry, vintage treasures and rusty bits I've collected over the years. But I’ve often had a sense of reluctance when it came to parting with a special bit even though I was incorporating it into my art. I doubt I'm the only artist who keeps a stash, hesitant to forge ahead for fear that another, better purpose will reveal itself. In due time. Meanwhile remaining content to marvel at the folds, wrinkles, stains, color that have evolved with the passage of decades.

The books that continues to hold my fascination, written by StevenPressfield, are about overcoming the negative forces that live in all of us so that we might discover and live/create our best, authentic work. The War ofArt, Doing the Work and the one I’m currently reading, Turning Pro state in ways that I cannot describe, the obvious, the reality and the importance of locating and overcoming Resistance, the penultimate creativity crusher. In one of those books he wrote about not saving our best for later, meaning that if I’m unable to commit to the work on my table I might as well not do it; therefore, if the theme cries out for a leather baby glove, I must use it! So I did. And, I painted and marked on a cabinet card – not a scan, the real deal.

Some might laugh at the simplicity and common-sensical nature of these realizations but for me they have been liberating beyond my wildest imagination. So, with one more piece to photograph and two on the table I believe I’ll continue to follow another of Pressfield’s sage nuggets about doing first, then thinking!


Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I am very impressed with this composition...the selection of design elements ...the intrigue...who is this lady? Beautiful work. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

This is one incredible assemblage. I think both the buttons AND the glove coordinate perfectly with the frozen Charlotte. Beautiful addition to your series.

Kathy said...

I love it to.
I like the elements, all of the,
The Charlotte, for sure tugged at my heart strings.
I have not created art for so long, so long. I have been in the longest art funk, ever...
This has made me a bit weak in the knees...Maybe soon, I will pull out some supplies.
Lovely, Patti

catiean said...

I love your art work and the inspiration behind it. I have a chronic illness that tries to rob me of my sanity and art is where I seek refuge. Your art is so inspirational. Thank you for sharing.


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