Patti Edmon Altered Attic: February 2012

Saturday, February 11, 2012

My husband, Jim, has a new business partner and Edmon Design, founded by moi in 1990, is now Balance Creative, LLC. We've known David (Caldwell) for years - they have been contemporaries in the design/advertising community since their years at the same college. Our teenagers are close in age - our sons love metal (music) and our daughters danced at the same ballet studio for several years. David's reputation includes descriptors like integrity, talent, strength of character, humor; in short, we're thrilled to have him and 2012 started off with the kind of enthusiasm and sense of adventure that should fuel our life endeavors.

David's daughter turned 14 a week ago. He'd mentioned to Jim that he'd like to give her a box like the ones he'd seen on my blog. I haven't completed a project since well before the holidays and hesitated to commit, unwilling to add another half-finished piece to the stack. As I began anyway, I realized the true impact of having read The War of Art. I can honestly say that I spent far less time mired in indecision and more enjoying the process.

In his subsequent book, Do the Work, Steven Pressfield talks about the importance of 'shipping it' as in getting it done and out into the world. It wasn't a challenge since I was pleased with the outcome (and the gift was very well received). While my creative block might rear its head now and again, I am relieved to find that I truly look forward to working in the studio. Creating is my passion and committing to the process removes the biggest obstacle of all... me.


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