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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lobsters, Lighthouses and Legbones

Maine is the only New England state I hadn't had a chance to visit - until this week. The photos I'd seen, friends' stories... there are no disappointments. Though I grew up in New York (state) I've lived in Kentucky for so many years that it is truly a refreshing memory zing to step into this climate (a couple dozen degrees cooler as well:) and culture.

A couple of hours on a sailboat offered a splendid vista, the coastline and legendary lighthouses are as amazing as I'd imagined. And to think that some of the oldest buildings in the country are in this area is fascinating.

My sister and brother-in-law drove up to Acadia yesterday and the photos are incredible. The original Acadians were French who were driven out by the English. They sailed down the coast and ended up in Louisiana, and Acadian morphed into Cajun along the way. I'm glad my mother is a history buff:), I mean, who knew??

There are so many photo opportunities that it's almost overwhelming. I plan to shoot a few that I can use in my art before we leave. Weathered wood, rust, doors and windows galore - yikes!

My sister (on the right), Robin, obliged for this photo so I wouldn't feel so, well, touristy by myself. But honestly, how often do you see a lobster this size?

Jim and my son, Dylan, went to one of the dozens of road-side markets that offer an amazing array of antiques and oddities. This 'thing' looks like an ocarina but when I started to blow on it, Dylan told me it was made from a human leg bone - in Nepal! So, I just admired it and decided to share...

I'm looking forward to the Treasure Hunt that begins tomorrow on Seth Apter's blog - hope you're planning to dig!

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Sharmon Davidson said...

I've never been to New England at all, but after seeing these photos... wow! I also thing you and your sister and the lobster make a very cute- uuh- triple?


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