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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spring... the ideal metaphor for life, the awakening: dormant bulbs that rise, cracking open the winter-hard earth; the miracle of trees, seemingly barren, suddenly laden with buds sprouting at the tips of once empty branches. The beauty of a still morning, silence broken by birds that call through now-opened windows. And the storm that strikes here and there and there... violence wrenching apart the calm, torrents of rain puddling on saturated ground and clouds, beautiful purple-gold bellies turned to gray rage, swirling masses capable of the ultimate destruction. Then the aftermath, a step taken out the door that reveals washed, dazzling brick and pavement and rooftop, enveloped by the warmer air perfumed with hyacinth, lilies, nectar dripping from God's own hand.

The seasonal roller coaster also wreaks havoc on my joints and absorbs my energy and passion drained despite the splendor of dogwood and cherry blossoms. Such effort to quell the frustration caused by the familiar inability to control my energy, schedule my time, any more than I can leash the lightening that rakes the night sky; and then the lucid awareness after the weeks surrendered and I find myself aware now of the distance since I have written, captured the ideas, dreams, fears and essence of my life journey.

I have woken to find that swaps and posts and comments have, thankfully, continued in my absence. That artists and fellow travelers on this creative path still walk, albeit the many shared words of silence, lack of time, creative energy, ability to make the art that saves our very souls and then post it for the people whose lives have enriched ours and to whom we feel connected as kindred spirits despite distance, differing life circumstances, degrees of activity.
The raging beauty of stormy spring has broken to reveal a voice that revives, whispers of all that beckons, a still-life jarring to wild splashes of color, the renewal energy, and with it, hope.


Karin Bartimole said...

Your photos depict the color, life, joy, and hope I know you long to have replace the mayhem this season wreaks in the body of your auto immune disrupted body. Your words create a dramatically tumultuous storm so well, and I'm so sorry for the struggle this season brings, especially because it's so beautiful - I feel torn by your words, and I understand. You've expressed powerfully well. I send gentle hugs, and soothing prayers, xox Karin

Jill Zaheer said...

What a beautiful post with such exquisite writing! You have such a talent for words and their ability to communicate in such a powerful, yet poetic way. Just gorgeous. Take the energy of all the spring time blooms and cast an artist spell over all you do! Thinking of you. Hugs, Jilly

Elizabeth Golden said...

Love the photographs! So glad you are enjoying Spring. It has been glorious this year. I so enjoy reading your prose.

Poetic Artist said...

What a wonderful post..Your photos wonderful and peaceful..I know what the weather can do to you. After the storms here, the heat as hit Alabama and I had forgot how the heat drains my energy with my MS..Yet God is amazing but wow could he turn down the heat..
Hugs to you and I pray that you will have good days of peace and pain free.

Gaby Bee said...

What a wonderful post and writing, Patti. With your beautiful photos, you have really captured the feeling of Spring:) I love the little flower heads reaching for the sky after a long winters nap.
I'm so sorry for the struggle this season brings for you.
I so enjoy being outside and listening to the birds.

I'm thinking of you and sending big hugs and positive energy:)
Gaby xo

Ragamuffin Gal said...

What a hopeful post Patti ~ and beautiful photos too! Blessings to you my friend ~ Katie

Kristin said...

How lucky I am to find you! What a beautiful blog with so much heart! Your words, those photos and that guest book below are all so fab! Thank you for becoming a follower too - and right back at ya, xo

Sharmon Davidson said...

Patti, your poignant words have touched me, so eloquently expressing thoughts that have been whirling around in my own head. Your description of the recent weather is like a picture that I can see and feel. I get it, my friend. I always struggle with exhaustion at this time of year, and the gray, rainy days have been especially difficult. In fact, I just posted something with the same sort of sentiment (without the beautiful descriptions). I choose to believe the sun will return soon, and we both will be making art.
Many hugs to you, Patti; can you feel how tight they are?

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful post! i've missed you, lady (in blog land, that is, since we were able to speak so recently).

i've just announced the winners for kerin's blog tour and YOU, my dear, were a winner. if you can send me your info, that would be swell.



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