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Monday, February 14, 2011

ballerinas, digital collage and vapor guns

I've resisted the digital playground, maybe because it seems like a galaxy within the galaxy of art. Like I might fall into a black hole and never pick up another paint brush - ha. I have, though, been taking photographs for decades (spent thousands of hours printing my own medium format black & whites in the days before children:) and my fascination with images remains embedded in my creative heart.

I've taken a Susan Tuttle (extraordinaire) digital workshop, have a couple of books and adore so much of the work I see, whether it be collage or blog banner. Having a chronic illness does make working on the computer ideal but it took a disabled scanner, sewing machine 'issues'
and a major roadblock at the art table for me to play with a couple of images. I am one of those who travel on a path and often freeze when I reach the wide open space. Most unfortunate. It's as though I have visions that I can't quite see, or I've learned enough to be dangerous - to myself! Then I have to take a break and deal with that inner critic... yes, kick boxing and vaporizing guns (gee, a bit behind on my techno-weapon lingo??) are in order!

Both of these are very much works in progress. I'm not sure what that 'done' feeling feels like. In the meantime, though, I think I'll just have some fun playing... now that I've traveled to another planet! My blog banner has been the same for three years now, well almost, and wowee is it time for a change. Perhaps I'll find one that works for me.

Happy Valentines Day and much love to you all!!!


jilly zaheer said...

Happy Valentines Day to you Patti! What a poignant post- and I just love the images you've created. Just stunning! You're so very talented! I know what you mean about all that can be done with photo imaging. That's a new avenue I want to explore for myself too!! From what I see, you are well on your way and a great inspiration! xo

Polly said...

Beautifully written. I'm a photographer first and foremost however there are days when I don't want to be stuck in front of a computer and just want to dawb things on paper or card. I'm much better with Photoshop than I am with the tangible materials but I love both. I'm looking forward to seeing your digital creations :)

Sharmon Davidson said...

First of all, I think most of us get scared of the "wide open spaces"; at least I do. It's just too hard for me to eliminate enough possibilities to choose one. I think that's pretty normal (wow, I can't believe I just called myself normal!).

And secondly, I think your digital creations are beautiful! They're delicate and wistful, and evocative of so many emotions. It seems you've learned a lot; I hope you keep going!

Evie said...

Very interesting work, Patti. It's always so exciting to try something new. I'm just about to launch into encaustics, something which held no importance not so long ago. My interest has been sparked partly by some great work Ive found on the web.

canvas artwork said...

what a beautifull post, lovely,

Seth said...

Congrats on jumping headfirst into the digital art world! I look forward to seeing all the beauty that you create!

jackie said...

Patti, I followed the link to your blog from your message at PTAE (I am the one who uploaded the St. Patrick's Day images) - anyway, I am so happy to "meet" you and to discover your lovely blog! Your art is all wonderful! (And I love your blog banner too!) I look forward to visiting you on a regular basis!

kathy mc said...

Love your blog Patti. So happy you found us.

Anonymous said...

These are so much fun! Hope you have been well :)

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Patti ~
Such wonderfulness!
I have that book but have struggled ~ but you have taken it and are making something very beautiful with it.
Love the photo and can't wait to see more!!!


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