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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Adhesive Question

Lyle Lovett was the ideal voice to wind down the 2010 FEI World Equestrian Games. "If I had a pony, I'd ride him on my boat..." He and his Large Band performed for visitors from every corner of the world who came together to cheer, volunteer, or compete for the coveted world titles.

Horses have been the focal point of Lexington in more than one way; 82 fiberglass horses are situated across the city adding a colorful and artistic element to the games and photo ops for countless tourists (and locals!). The horses, which began appearing across the city and at the Horse Park in July, are as diverse as the countries represented in the games.

Two of the designs - both in the 'top ten' - were created by my good friend Debbie Westerfield. Nonesuch, named for the tiny rural town where Debbie lives - and also the famed English castle built by Henry VIII - is the first of the two shown below.
The second, Midway, is a reference to the small art town midway between Lexington and the state Capitol, Frankfort, where Debbie owned and operated a gallery for several years.

Most unfortunately, Nonesuch, adorned with hundreds of pearl beads (many from my stash) and crystals was vandalized early in September. Random, of course, heartbreaking, most definitely. Nonesuch spent a few weeks in an auto body shop for repairs to the nearly destroyed legs and lower torso, which were then primed a nice shade of gray.

Debbie has spent hours repainting and today, I spent the afternoon gluing crystals one a front leg, for the second time, obviously. Debbie's adhesive of choice is two-part epoxy; definitely a contender for sturdiest adhesion, particularly because the piece is exposed to the elements. After mixing the fifth tiny batch and trying to apply the glue as quickly as possible, followed by crystals, before it set up like concrete, I decided I didn't care much for two part.

I asked why she didn't use E6000, my weapon of choice, and she wasn't sure... the two-part had been recommended and though they fall into the same category of adhesives, we weren't sure if E6000 - far easier to use - would get the job done. So, I ask the experts. If you have any suggestions, experience or recommend either or both, please let me know. Though not as tacky as they were a few hour, I don't think I will have fingerprints for a few days:)


Karin Bartimole said...

How cool, hearing Lyle Lovett for the finale of the event. Debbie's horses are so beautiful!! The vandalism is just disgusting though...
It may make no difference, but I've always preferred, and had best success with the 2 part epoxies. I started using it with all my jewelry making years ago, but now use of for everything, from art to mending broken stuff. It's indestructible and dries like glass. I've had jewelry go through the wash with it, and come out intact. I haven't had the same results with E6000 or other non mixed. I don't think it smells as bad either!

Sharmon Davidson said...

What experts? What did they say? I need to know these things, Patti; glue is important! I hope Nonesuch is all better now.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I have to admit that E6000 is my glue of choice for everything that needs a strong bond. I bought some two-part once, but even though it came packaged as two syringes that you press down and it releases two identical amounts, you still have to mix it. I never cared for it and gave it away after a few tries. Guess that's why I can't remember the name of it, either. E6000 is the best. If you open a new tube, it is thinner and it will take longer to set up. So, if possible, use a tube you have opened in the past. Just my six cents worth (inflation, you know).

My Vintage Studio said...

Sorry to hear about the vandalism.
Wishing you a wonderful week!

fairyrocks said...

Spectacular Pony!!! and Pony Tale.
Wonderful art, I am speechless

Trudi said...

Hi Patti - Debbie's horses are fabulous - Edmonton, AB had similar sculptures of buffalos years ago - I wonder where they are now?

I am cross referencing the sign ups today for the Butterfly Effect and wanted to double check that I have your email address? Have you been receiving the updates? If you could let me know at I'll make sure you are included.



Anonymous said...

Hello Patti, I love these painted horses much ! congratulations to your friend, just amazing ! thank you to let us admire them in these photos ! wish you a happy Halloween week

Anonymous said...

Those horses are fabulous! I could not imagine using a mixed glue to adhere sequence but that is all that is available here. I had a friend send me some E6000 and aside from the smell, I love it! btw, I am visiting from the AZcafe, lol! Your link was in the email.


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