Patti Edmon Altered Attic: October 2010

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Adhesive Question

Lyle Lovett was the ideal voice to wind down the 2010 FEI World Equestrian Games. "If I had a pony, I'd ride him on my boat..." He and his Large Band performed for visitors from every corner of the world who came together to cheer, volunteer, or compete for the coveted world titles.

Horses have been the focal point of Lexington in more than one way; 82 fiberglass horses are situated across the city adding a colorful and artistic element to the games and photo ops for countless tourists (and locals!). The horses, which began appearing across the city and at the Horse Park in July, are as diverse as the countries represented in the games.

Two of the designs - both in the 'top ten' - were created by my good friend Debbie Westerfield. Nonesuch, named for the tiny rural town where Debbie lives - and also the famed English castle built by Henry VIII - is the first of the two shown below.
The second, Midway, is a reference to the small art town midway between Lexington and the state Capitol, Frankfort, where Debbie owned and operated a gallery for several years.

Most unfortunately, Nonesuch, adorned with hundreds of pearl beads (many from my stash) and crystals was vandalized early in September. Random, of course, heartbreaking, most definitely. Nonesuch spent a few weeks in an auto body shop for repairs to the nearly destroyed legs and lower torso, which were then primed a nice shade of gray.

Debbie has spent hours repainting and today, I spent the afternoon gluing crystals one a front leg, for the second time, obviously. Debbie's adhesive of choice is two-part epoxy; definitely a contender for sturdiest adhesion, particularly because the piece is exposed to the elements. After mixing the fifth tiny batch and trying to apply the glue as quickly as possible, followed by crystals, before it set up like concrete, I decided I didn't care much for two part.

I asked why she didn't use E6000, my weapon of choice, and she wasn't sure... the two-part had been recommended and though they fall into the same category of adhesives, we weren't sure if E6000 - far easier to use - would get the job done. So, I ask the experts. If you have any suggestions, experience or recommend either or both, please let me know. Though not as tacky as they were a few hour, I don't think I will have fingerprints for a few days:)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Doors and Dinosaurs

I actually had the energy to take a photo walk the other day. The weather has changed fairly fast - as it usually does here - but it was a beautiful morning. Not the 100 degree days we'd had so many of, so I set out on my mission.

My photo walks are a challenge - depending upon how far I can walk, in this case around the block - to see. Really see, notice small changes, details that might otherwise be missed. What a metaphor for living a creative life. I'm not sure my vision has improved but I finally had a 'happy' studio day.

Something about making pieces for a gallery or hopefully to sell is very unnerving. I realize that I'm still fairly green, when it comes to making art anyway:) and I have to say that this is the first time I've experienced 'Monkey Mind' in the studio - questioning every move, not sure if I like or not, which color, etc.

In my writing history, I had a similar experience while attending a series of advanced fiction workshops with instructors who, well, let's just say their names are on many a literary book jacket. I had so much potential... isn't that so often the case? In two years I crammed so much into my brain that I couldn't write a sentence.

Then, in 2004, at workshop, I got sick. No energy, blurred vision, grief. I had to put all of my work aside; I don't think I realized how deeply embedded my writing desire was until I had to put it all away.

So, lest I digress too far from topic, I was having a crappy time in the studio. That is my haven, my sanity, my good mood:) So, the photo walk was important, and turned out to be quite an inspiration.

I've noticed that doors and windows continue to fascinate me... curiosity? Entry to the soul? Not mine, apparently, but the wavy glass (historic:), choice of curtain, or flowers or statue, are endlessly intriguing.

I haven't photoshopped these, just tweaked the exposure, knowing they'll be in my file should I require a new door or dinosaur.

Oh, the photo of the ladders against the porch... sigh.... still under construction.


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