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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Here we are, September 19th, the last day of National Invisible Illness Week.
I end the week filled with joy at the comments to my posts, the messages from friends and the dialog that I hope will continue until next September. I have learned so much from reading the blog posts of others.

Lani Gerity Glanville, mentor, friend, moderator of online art group I am proud to belong to, read my post and wrote an amazingly powerful piece. An Art Therapist, Lanie has a wealth of experience and uses her incredible creative talents to live, learn, share and teach. She has continued the conversation by delving a little deeper into resilience, one of her favorite topics. Well worth reading. Also, a post by a young, too young, gal who has Lyme's Disease (and a host of others) but who uses her illness to spread good. Victoria is her name and I was heartened by her words.

The bottom line is, for every person dealing with an Invisible Chronic Illness, there are countless others involved in their lives as caretakers, friends, partners, family... and I am more blessed than many. If you know someone who is suffering, take a moment and reach out. Oh, and the photos below? Aside from my email and blog pals these two are my daily entertainment!

Lance and Tony, both of whom I know personally aside from their excellent porch replacing skills, are two of the funniest people I know. Stepping outside with my morning protein drink, and sitting on the steps is often the highlight of my day!
Ciao and blessings to all!


Dawn said...

Hi Patti

Just dropping by to say Hi!
It's been a while, I have finally moved to my new house.
Hope you are feeling better

God bless


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Even though the week has ended, it doesn't need to stop the awareness. I'm so glad you did these posts and so happy they left positive effects on both your readers and yourself. I know they sure have on ME. Thank you again.

Debrina said...

I agree with Elizabeth, Patti. The week may have ended but the awareness campaign must continue. certainly you have my understanding and I have great compassion for those whom I associate with who have an invisible illness (including a mental illness). Brightest blessings, my friend.

Gaby Bee said...

Just wanted to say hello! Hope all is well at your end!
Enjoy the day! Gaby xo


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