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Monday, September 27, 2010

Everyone whose blogs I visit show so much activity. art-making that is; and now, National Invisible Illness Week has passed, and believe it or not, I have been making art! Having such limited time to spend in the studio certainly takes away from blogging, commenting and visiting all the wonderful artists who stop by, laundry, cooking, all that good stuff.

Most everything, aside from the frame and wings, which came from ArtChix Studios, is found. However, in keeping with the no copy policy, I snipped out a lovely photo for the frame and now cannot recall from which sheet it came. The inside of this box was a piece of cake compared the one on which I am now working.

Working on the cardboard cigarillo boxes proved very helpful, as a learning curve; however, the real wood has proven an entirely different, well, cigar. Hinges that can't be removed and reinstalled, rough, nearly shredded wood along the inside edges and corners that are too rough for sandpaper alone, not sturdy enough for heavy duty, so that's when trim comes in very handy. Like vintage lace and ribbon from Random Arts. I learned a lot while finishing off the inside of the box and I'm currently using that to hopefully have another done this week, before the opening of Gridworks at New Editions Gallery.

Gridworks Opening Reception!
Please join us in welcoming 17 local and national artists.
This Thursday September 30th, 5pm - 8pm

The gallery show was planned to coincide with the World Equestrian Games. The Alltech FEI Games officially opened Saturday night (I watched the ceremony on television, too much walking, but being there would have been amazing; I'm not certain just how many visitors we have but just considering the number of athletes, from countries that make me, well, Kentuckians proud to host, from Great Britain, Israel, Dubai (where the Federation's President, Princess Haya, beautiful, savvy and controversial - imagine that), China, Denmark and Guatemala. A choir of angelic children were flown in from Haiti to perform. That worries me a bit, but that's another story and, as usual, I digress.

This piece is an 'experiment' and that means deviating from my style, if I have one, and rethinking my approach to a mixed media collage. Again, mostly found objects, pieces from old books, a few small embellishments, a suspender clip from Nathalie Thompson's fabulous Etsy shop and an elongated X from the amazing Seth Apter, I used a face I cannot place. I guess I'll have to start writing down as soon as I cut. I cannot decide if the piece is finished or needs more... how does one decide? Helpful suggestions from art buds of course. I never tire of making journals, for fun, for sale, for friends who have unfortunate incidents or circumstances. In my next post I'm going to say thank you to a lot of people who commented on my blog during National Invisible Illness Week and others who have made my life more blessing than illness.


La Dolce Vita said...

lovely work Patti! and those boxes can give you fits, I have used enough of them for shrines! gridworks looks fabulous! xox

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I really love what you have been making. The box is super, but then, I've never altered one since they are cost prohibitive in my area. Of course, the gorgeous book covers drew my eye. I really love both of them,

I can never decide when something is finished, either. Sometimes I just let it sit a few days, but I realize you are on a deadline.

The FEI games sound wonderful and what a way to promote peace and goodwill. It's amazing what athletes, artists, and musicians know that world leaders don't seem to understand: how to get along!

Sharmon Davidson said...

Hi Patti, I hope you're having a great time at the opening right now! I thought it was tomorrow for some reason; I apologize that I couldn't come tonight, on account of that pesky job thing I have to go to in the morning.
I love the blue book especially, and am amazed by what you're doing with the boxes. As for knowing when a piece is finished, I find I'm never quite sure until I've let it sit for a while. I put it away somewhere (usually under heavy books to flatten it!), then take it out after a few days to see what i think. Often something will pop out at me that needs to be fixed or changed- or not!

Anonymous said...

Your art is awesome, Patti ! the colors are wonderful, as born from the sun, I really love it !

Seth said...

Amazing work here. I absolutely love the blue in the last piece. Thanks too for the link back to my blog. So cool to see the X in action!

Heavenly Muse said...

very artistic looks magical too as if it has little fairies enclosed.

Kathy said...

So very nice Patti. Love, love it.

Anonymous said...

lovely, lovely work!! you have been a busy bee indeed!! i love those Xs! i got a few as well -- yummy stuff. that blue is just stunning!!


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