Patti Edmon Altered Attic: Flight of Dreams

Monday, August 2, 2010

Flight of Dreams

Flight of Dreams

You stretch your arms, palms held out the way you reach

into the chambers of my heart, once lush, velvet with

dreams of my own, so many unspoken, now pale as

the last hint of evening light.

The sun has dropped low over

the old black barn, weathered by hundreds of

days just like this one.

The sweet grass and Queen Ann’s lace

return each summer from an imaginary sleep;

who would have guessed that an uncultivated carrot

could dream itself into such gauzy white lace,

nodding in the slow breeze, they sense,

like you do, a certain current in the air.

Others might shrug, if they noticed at all

or understood the flight of dreams.

I watch you gather up the breeze, rise into the veiled

yellow pink light and smile, knowing

that the magic in your heart is enough.

That you will defy this life of mortal gravity

the way only you can.


Sharmon Davidson said...

What a gorgeous, glorious poem, so full of all the lusciousness of life! Patti, you really do have a way with words; your writing touches my heart and fills it full...

Tani said...

Mmmm....really digging the poem. Good work!


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