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Saturday, August 28, 2010

(Emma's) Inner Beauty

The entire months of July and August were consumed by the creation of three 12 x 12 pieces for a gallery show, in which I'm very honored and grateful to be included. I have very little experience on canvas, especially a piece bigger than 6 x 6! My desire to have pieces in the show won out, and I began planning the series of flowers - this is the first. For the petals, I take a piece of heavy paper, texture, embellish, paint and torture, then cut it into pieces. Fortunately I have that enormous stash of found objects and junk jewelry I've mentioned, so I didn't have too much trouble finding centerpieces, frames actually for the images. I am really bad at cutting a face from a collage sheet - or one from my own stash - without paying close attention to the maker of the sheet. I want to give credit where credit is due, so perhaps a bit of research is in order. I normally get collage sheets from Artchix, Kris Hubick, Paper Imagery Design... well, I'll go look. If anyone recognizes the face, please enlighten me!
Titles elude me so I emailed photos to some friends and used a combination of my mother's ideas, Dylan's (my son) and an old school chum, Danny, whom I have not seen in 30 years! This one ended up as (Emma's) Inner Beauty.

The show will be open during the World Equestrian Games. If you get a chance, visit the link, the sheer enormity of this even is amazing. A newspaper article said that 315,000 tickets have been sold. 315,000. That's more people than live in this city; every road and visible surface has been painted, paved, revamped, including rundown building and other such eyesores (that is, if you don't happen to think that old buildings are cool). I love horses. Several years ago, I had a horse, a gorgeous, ginormous bay Saddlebred named Richard, actually RWG El Milagro's Sir Richard (though I didn't ride him in the world championship class:). I loved him dearly and we had many an exciting ride. I love to watch eventing, dressage and admire most every discipline that the horse has to offer.
I do not, however like traffic. Or long lines and other delays; I wonder how many locals have purchased their tickets. Or rented out their prime-located residence for top dollar. What do people do when their city hosts the Olympics?? I'm sure I'll venture out, at least to the gallery opening:) I'll post photos of the other two ladies as soon as I locate their origin.


Teuvo Vehkalahti said...

Vwry nice blog, intresting.
Pleace all lookinf fotoblog Teuvo images

and pleace yours comments thank you


Sharmon Davidson said...

You did it, Miss Artist! This is fabulous, and I can't wait to see them all in person!

Lori said...

Gorgeous piece, the colors are wonderful!

Gaby Bee said...

Every time I visit your blog, you inspire me with your creations. This one is splendid in all of its details.
I always adore your color choices!

Have a wonderful week!
Gaby xo

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Congrats on your show Patti
Lovely closeup of this piece, gorgeous textures and colors!
You must be so excited

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Wow, Patti! I'm totally impressed and a bit overwhelmed by this beauty. I'm sure the other two will be as stunning. I can't believe that many people are coming for a gallery opening. That is over 100,000 MORE people than live in Wichita, KS and ours is the biggest "city" in the state. I'm so glad you are a part of it, too.

Pam said...

What a fabulous blog you have0full of wonderful inspiring art!!!


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