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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hot Fun in the Summertime

This canvas, which there doesn't seem to be a decent way to photograph, is the second in a series of flowers (the fourth of which is nearly complete). I've spent most of my free (ha) time working on these 10 x 10's and haven't had much else in the way of projects to post.
Wow, the weeks have zoomed by faster than I can say "blog post." As soon as I vowed to post more often the world began to turn (hey, good name for a TV show); from having our upstairs bathroom ripped out, collapsed sewer lines (out in the street:), Alice's recital, birthdays and an anniversary (20 years!), a visit from my best friend... and did I mention ten days at the lake? And now it's July.
My father asked me why I blog (oh yeah, Father's Day too:) and I thought a minute and told him that I do it for my self. Sure, I like to share art and ramble but the biggest benefit comes from the other bloggers out there - yes, you. If you are reading this then chances are I've visited your blog (if not, please leave a comment so I can!). I benefit so much from the new techniques, different world views - and locations - anecdotes, writings and sense of community that I find necessary, rather than luxury. I don't often suffer from creative blocks, usually it's a lack of time, but they feel the same - they both stink and feel very, very icky. When I log on and visit a pal or two I remember the artist in me, that the voice I hear screaming in my head is the same one that sings with joy with paint brush in hand.

I usually take an art kit when we head to the lake, but for some reason this time I made do with a cheapo watercolor set, tape, scissors and a couple of magazines. I may be brave enough to post those pages later.
We are really fortunate to have a place on Lake Cumberland, which is enormous and very clean, making isolated coves the ideal place to swim, float, skip rocks, and enjoy the natural beauty that sometimes outshines our best efforts.

My loveliest creation to date, my daughter, who 13-years old today (can you tell??)

Adorable son on the skis

And handsome husband at the wheel

We came back from the lake in time for our favorite holiday, the Fourth of July, a day of much tradition - from a post-10K race brunch, to the downtown festivities and fireworks. I'm sure our parade reflects the size of our fair city, but while relatively short there's no lack of variety.

the drag queens were afloat; interspersed with the waving beauty queens and politicians there were some funky and colorful floats, like the people powered piano float. It’s a bike. A piano. A recycling project. A work of art.

and, um, these guys, one of whom was kind enough to provide a photo-op

Last, but not least, my son on his board (white t and jean shorts closest to camera) with his crew from the Void Skate Shop.

By then, hungry and parched, we paraded up to Third Street Stuff for a late lunch. The owner, Pat Gerhard, is one of the most creative people I know and the outside is as fun and funky - and welcoming - as the inside.

there isn't a good way to do justice to this decorated pole, but if you click on it for a larger view, you'll find all sorts of unique works of art.

Speaking of art, the fact that our graphic design and advertising business is located on the second floor makes it even cooler.

I hope you are all enjoying creative, fun and interesting summer days!


Karen Owen said...

Your canvas is beautiful - love the texture. The idea for the series of flowers is inspired! I envy your time at that gorgeous, serene lake, and your daughter is such a cutie.

Jodi Ohl said...

Oh for the love of summer days, carefree, hot, full of memories with friends and family and how fast they all go by. Sounds like you've had a wonderful start to the summer! The time at the lake is a blessing, I wish I had a retreat like that to whisk away to! I love your sign for your business! Very cool! Third Street stuff looks like lots of fun, too. I love little unique shops/restaurants like that. Enjoy your week and keep creating when you can...that's the same for me. Time is my worst enemy, not creative blocks!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Patti ~
How delightful of a day is that? You had a lot of fun and memories made this 4th! Love the photos of your children and what you said about them. I can feel a large amount of love written through out this post and I am so glad I visited you today! Many summer blessings to you dear (but I think that part has already came true!)
~ Katie


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