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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ah, Yes, Summer Really is Here!

One of the funnest parts of June is the transition from lacrosse, dance classes and school to summer vacation, birthdays (mine and Jim's), our 20th anniversary (yes that's me with post-80s hair:), dance recital and parties.
Notice I didn't say blogging:) I had vowed to post once a week at the very least and was feeling a bit disappointed. While delivering the Father's Day card that took me 4 hours to make:), my dad asked "why?" do you blog; and I told him it was a selfish act really... a recounting of creative ventures and life's major moments. And then there are the multitude of artists that I look forward to visiting, the new discoveries. It feels a bit lonely, isolated without the thread that runs through us all, hardly noticeable yet strong enough to hold the burdens, joys, triumphs and rants. In short, I miss all of my blog pals!!!

Now that summer is here and the kids are taking turns at camps, on mission trips, in and out with friends, I feel that gentle leveling that signals a smoothing of the new routine, one that I requires much adjustment every year. And my first post in weeks. My pal Mistress Debs announced her sabbatical and return with a brand new look, unlike me, who instead felt the days blur past without a word, just lots of chaos. Oh yes, lets see what happens when the sewer line collapses and we take the toilet and tub out of the upstairs bathroom and start ripping out the floor, only to find that the water damage means a contractor and all new tile; the same contractor who is getting ready to rip off the front porch and replace all the wood that the former owner had installed without first having it treated. New columns, rails, steps... And then the visit from my childhood best friend who lives in California (traitor), tying up loose ends on a few swaps...

Ahh, now I need a tall glass of sweet tea and a freakin' day in the studio!!!

My sweet 'baby' boy will be in high school this August? No, I need denial, lots more time before that day....

He did ride out of middle school in style, compliments of his good friend Maykah (standing on Dylan's left next to the babes:)

Working backstage during Alice's recital presented a rare opportunity to spend time with her, along with sore feet. The two sisters on either side are truly identical - I wish I'd asked Ashley, or was it Brittany?, to take off her glasses that, aside from a 1/2" difference in height, is the only way to tell them apart!

Can you tell that it's Al and not Michael Jackson? I won't even go there, but, did I mention the trips to Cincinnati? Alice is enrolled in classes that will prepare her for modeling and commercial work, her other dream:)

Cincinnati is such a cool city but most of the time the view is of the car in front, inching forward at a snail's pace... glad we don't have that traffic in our little town, which will host the World Equestrian Games in 90-some days. Speaking of the games there is art to be done!!!

This is journal #6, on its way to New Editions Gallery... I'm having a harder time letting go of this one. My pal Deb Gilchrist posted a photo of her beautiful grandmother on Facebook and said that she hesitated to use it in her art but then found it cathartic to honor her with a lovely piece. The woman in the photo on this journal is my late Aunt, my lovely, kindred-spirit second mother, who passed away last year. I always wondered what she was thinking, gazing off into the distance in some European city.
The journal is due for a trip to Jeff's, along with the canvases I've finished, for professional photography before I let go for good. I'm love, love, loving the background work, my favorite part of the process maybe? I just finished an 18" x 18" canvas, the largest ever for me, and I hope to post it soon. Soon, as in a few days rather than weeks!! Happy Summer, which officially begins today, though the thermometer has suggested otherwise, and I look forward to our visits!


Sharmon Davidson said...

Hey, Patti, we missed you, too! You really HAVE been busy! How do you have any sanity left? We just built a new deck, but it sounds like you have me beat by a mile!

Your kids are so cute; you must be very proud of them. Don't feel bad that your son is entering high school, he'll be home for a long while yet. Mine just got a job and moved to DC- I still cry almost every day.:~( It's awesome that your daughter is a dancer- I love ballet; though I was a middle eastern dancer, I also took ballet classes. Since I live only 15 minutes south of Cincinnati, maybe we could meet sometime when you're up here.

The journal is gorgeous, and I agree with you about the background. Your aunt is beautiful, too.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm so glad you're back. I really missed reading your lovely posts and seeing your stunning art. I can understand how busy life can be, though. And it sounds like it's been really busy. Gotta say I can tell that's your son. He looks a lot like his dad, but I can see you in him, too.

This latest journal is beautiful. Like you, I could make backgrounds all day long. If only I could get someone to finish the foreground.

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Patti ~
Sounds like your summer is off to a great start! I love reading the words you post about your children and life! And I adore you artistic creations ~ so inspiring are you!
I cannot wait to see your big finished canvas art piece! Please post it soon! Blessings ~ katie

Shona Cole said...

you are a busy woman! hope you summer is going well so far. love your journal, lots of great texture.

Anonymous said...

hello sweetness! i see i have LOTS to catch up on!! what a gorgeous journal! i love the photo of your aunt -- gorgeous!! i don't think i could bear to part with that one either. i think you should make another, just for you. :)

happy summer to you too! it's raining here... again.m

Gaby Bee said...

What a lovely post! It's wonderful to read about your children and life!
Your journal is amazing. Love the colors and the texture.
I'm wishing you a happy summer!
Greetings from Germany,


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