Patti Edmon Altered Attic: Is Spring Really in the Air?

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Is Spring Really in the Air?

It was a fine day for Lacrosse... low 40s and sunny, for the first time in... days? weeks? Definitely a chill in the air but it felt great to sit outside with a bunch of other parents who don't know the rules or strategies of the game. My son, Dylan, in the foreground, has been playing for three weeks now! Their middle school hasn't had a team in years and there are only a handful of teams in the area, albeit a large handful.
Aside from drumming this is his passion, the only sport he's shown an aptitude for along with enthusiasm - I suppose all sports are expensive these days, padding and helmets and monster gloves, those sticks and sports glasses... we've joined the ranks of parents trying to figure out how to get our kids to two places at the same time - but the season isn't as long as soccer:)

Now that Alice has grown and Dylan hasn't yet had his 'spurt' she's nearly as tall and they look so much alike. She was a good sport and spent the day at the invitational; we haven't calculated the number of hours he has spent in a theater watching her dance.

Hey look, no arguing!

Spring fever two ways - I'd love to know if you like one more than the other...


Poetic Artist said...

I like both of them. It is hard to choose maybe the one which has the deep blue.

La Dolce Vita said...

lavendar of course! xoxox

jill Zaheer said...

How great to be able to see your children participate in activities they love! As for choice of color- I'm thinking I like the plum lavender picture- which surprises me because I always so such bright blue. I think that for mixing the beauty of a tree- the soft more mellow hue of the purple shade feels most comfortable for me! Thanks so much for visiting!! hugs

Beadwright said...

What a nice sunny day!!! As for the pictures, I also like both of them. However, the lavender one has a more misty, eerie appearance.


Anonymous said...

Yes, spring is here! I love the hues in your branch photos . . . they are marvelous!

winnsangels said...

So glad that Dylan has a sport he enjoys. And also that Alice was fine about being there for the day.

The purple is filled with gentle spirit dear Patti.

Angels be with you.

Sharmon Davidson said...

I'm loving those little tastes of Spring! I like the blue photo a bit more, but that could just be my bias toward the saturated colors. the lavender one has a more melancholy mood, though; I guess it depends on what you were going for.


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