Patti Edmon Altered Attic: February 2010

Friday, February 26, 2010

Treasures Flying Across the Globe

One of the best things about the last Paper Swap (hosted by the fabulous Lawenda) was that my partner took.... a bit of extra time to get the package together, as did I. With good reason though - we decided to make a custom piece for each other.

Dale is from Canada and lives in Korea. She made this fabulous necklace for me! Loads of detail that adds interest to the amazing style. Speaking of paper, she also included a section of Korean newspaper and a pack stationery made in Korea that is too cute - I'll have to scan a piece. I love collecting papers from other countries, whether it's tissue paper, newsprint, wrap or wallpaper, stamps... All great additions to my stash!

We agreed on 3 ATCs and I absolutely love hers... they are rich in color and design and will make my collection infinitely more fabulous.

Dale requested a journal, my specialty:) She said she hadn't used one before so hopefully this one will inspire her to begin. I had a blast making it and though I worried that the medium-weight cover wouldn't stand up to the layers I like to pile on, I was pleasantly surprised.

I found a new source for small journals (3-1/2 x 4) and I'm thrilled because it actually has blank pages. Most of the affordable, ready made journals are lined, which is great for writers but a lot less to cover up for journaling.

I'm still digging into my son's old Pokemon stash for ATCs... I forgot to gesso the back side of one so it will be obvious:) Hey, doesn't that make it a recycled treasure??

I've only made a handful of ATCs for swaps, but next to inchies, they are my favorites. Mine are simple in design and construction but the possibilities are endless. I hope to spend more time experimenting. Talk about complexity and fabulosity, check out the incredible pieces recently posted by Alicia at Digital Arts, and Debbie, aka Mistress Debrina - definitely worth framing!

The one above is my favorite, though it makes the least sense:) It was one of those - start out with no idea and then suddenly flow - experiences that make the creative process, well, divine indeed!

This tissue paper butterfly has been fluttering around the table for a while now, looking for a home and I sure it will be happy in Korea. Dale is primarily a jewelry maker so I rounded up some extras goodies for her package!

Off to make a card for a baby shower...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Grand Night for Hopping

Note to the wonderful, funny, empathetic and appreciative people I met at last night's event: If you are interested in purchasing a piece from the exhibit, please leave a comment or email me; they are all priced to sell - $40 - $125. I sold a couple of pieces but have plenty left... maybe your favorite??
I had a chance to exhibit my work at Studio 603 during last night's Gallery Hop, thanks to artist extraordinaire and fabulous gal-pal Debbie Westerfield (my art angel who frequently appears in my blog). Though I had a couple of weeks to prepare, thanks to record snow (i.e. kids home from school) I lost several critical days and ended up putting it all together the usual way - at the last minute.
I haven't had 'two walls to myself,' before, and I was a bit intimidated when it came to framing. I mean, how do you frame journals and other pieces that are two or three inches thick? I headed to Michaels last weekend and took advantage of their 25% off frames discount. I went with a carefully prepared list of sizes and still ended up with major brain freeze and a cart full of 'just-in-case frames and shadow boxes.
Yesterday morning I spread it all out in the dining room. DH, who has been exhibiting his paintings for years, was so busy at work that he only had time to show me a couple of tricks and leave me scratching my head with a ...load of supplies and six hours until the Hop.

Hmmmm, no this doesn't work, and these photos don't do justice to my new angel series that I've been working so hard to finish for this show. The last piece was declared done Thursday night and I still had a blob of pink paint on my neck and a few other smears (didn't come off in the shower - but complemented my outfit).

This didn't work in a shadow box... thank the framing gods for frame sealing tape, putty and a glue gun! My ebay binges have really paid off - check out some of the gems that made great wings, bodies, trim and assorted danglies.

The most surprising questions of the night was, "What is in those books??" which never occurred to me. One guy, an artist and author, said he'd have to conjure some pretty profound thoughts to write in such a fancy journal. Never thought about that either.
One of Jim's helpful hints was wax - to make sure the covers would stay put. It might take a bit of the magic away to look inside and see blank lined pages with a variety of borders.

I finally arrived at the Studio at 1:00 with sandwiches and broccoli/cranberry cole slaw (I am totally addicted), two large bins of empty frames and a stack of black board that the folks at the art supply store were gracious enough to cut for me at the last minute.

Plaster walls in old buildings mean no nails. I hadn't a clue about using the hook and wire system to dangle frames from mounting rail installed a few inches below the ceiling on all the walls. Lucky for me, artist/friend/fellow exhibitor Chris Huestis was on hand and spent 3 hours hanging twelve pieces - that would have taken me 3 days.

I hardly had time to change clothes and chug another latte before folks started hopping in... thanks to the first sunny day in weeks, 38 degrees even, those of us who have been holed up for days at a time emerged, mole-like, blinking, happy. Ready to talk and laugh, sip wine and chat, ask questions about the secrets I have buried in the books with the waxed-shut covers...

My team showed up and let me take a much needed break. It does look like they are the only people in the place, but trust me, Debbie has an enormous following and there were dozens of folks wandering through most all evening.

My manager and creative director gave me a thumbs-up before making a mad dash to the chocolate covered strawberries!
When it was well past closing time and I didn't think I could take another step on my swollen, aching feet, I came home and found my little buddy, Henry, waiting for me. I'd been busy and gone for so long that he cuddled up and slept beside me all night long.

Magic Carpet Detour

The Magic Carpet is parked in the garage... jets cooling, waiting for next year. I was so busy this week, I didn't even post the OHOW winners or leave comments on their blogs. I appreciate every blogger who was kind enough to stop by and post during the event. The winners are perfectly suited to their prize, in almost eerie way...

#1 The winner of the journal is Elle at Living Creatively Ever After, otherwise known as The Boho Chick. In her comment, Elle said, "Oh my! Love the textures on the journal..." How apropos!

#2 The winner of treasure soup is Nicolle at Beadwright. In her comment, Nicolle said, "This is a fantastic giveaway - the second item is perfect for me..." Now, it might appear as though I designed the outcome of this but I promise - I used the same method ( that I saw posted on tons of other blogs.

#3 The winner of the tiny altered calendar is Debby at The Gathering Nest whose newest baby bears a remarkable resemblance to Henry, my sweet puppy! She appreciated the fact that I upped the number of giveaways because so many wonderful people posted. I used Random.Org. I promise.

Now I'm off to notify the winners... phew, what a ride.

Monday, February 15, 2010

One World One Heart is Now Closed

I'm working with the random number generator and the winners will be posted later this afternoon. Thanks to everyone who stopped by - what a magic ride this has been!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

One World One Heart, part II

OK, I've decided a third giveaway is in order - I never had any idea that so many wonderful bloggers would come and visit!! This prize is a mini-calendar - same size etc. as the one shown but a different design (this one was for a swap and I'm not quite finished with the new one!). I'm also going to include a paper sampler and a 'gift bag' including wholey paper and other neat stuff. Feel free to comment here or scroll down to January 26th and join the fun there.
Thank you SO much to all of you who are taking time to stop here and leave kind words, this magic carpet is flying high!

Journaling - On the Outside

Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever get tired of journals... every time I paint soft blues and greens I think... next time I'll be bold enough to try vibrant red. If I use a window I think about a door I saw up the street, nicely weathered and rusted; flowers? Oh, well, something grungy is in order.
I'm trying to finish three more for a gallery opening next week, so it's a darn good thing I'm not running out of ideas. It's my second exhibit and I'm psyched, though I'm finding it a bit challenging to frame these.... floating them on mat board seems to work best. I doubt I'll have the good fortune I had last October, when I sold eight journals (different gallery) and the client paid a hefty price for them. Come to think of it, I never posted those and they are still some of my favorites - I used a lot of materials that I wouldn't have imagined as complimentary to the front of a small book. Well, I have to do SOMEthing with all that jewelry and bling I've acquired.
The scans I do for posting here don't really do them justice; fortunately one of my best pals, Jeff Rogers, is a pro and will photograph them for me next week. He recently published Kentucky Wide II, his second book of Panoramic Photographs, all showing the un-Commonwealth of Kentucky. Check out that page on his site where you'll see several of the photos in the book. They are incredible. Yours truly wrote the forward of course:)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wow, I've been so caught up in One World One Heart that I've neglected to post; no one may have noticed, but as a former writer of fiction (avocation) and non-fiction (vocation) I certainly sense the lapse. The forming of thoughts, selecting words for both meaning and inflection, the editing... I suppose the point is that it's a lifelong habit and still a very necessary part of my new existence - unable to work at the company I founded in 1990, instead focusing on my passion for art.

Almost as often as I've gotten generous, thoughtful comments about the art photos I've posted, mention has been made of my writing. It has inspired, informed or just resonated with another who is paddling whatever boat I'm in at the time. Lately, I have been wallowing in a creative funk. I did not recognize it as a gestation period, a hovering, waiting for the way to become clear. I was nearly frantic after a couple of weeks of either not producing or resisting the temptation to use my substrate for insulation. Then the words of art angel friends conveyed the importance of the lull, the internal quiet that is really only a buffer for the loud, abstract groan of the wheels turning, forward motion.

Again, it might not be noticeable to anyone else, but as I've worked at the table I've felt different, a kind of "yes!" confidence that my art career isn't over, just evolving. So I'm happily creating again, having silenced my monkey mind to achieve a state of flow, the intuitive piecing together of color, texture, word.

OWOH has accomplished its mission and it's only February 4th. I've exchanged comments and met dozens of bloggers, found artists whose work will continue to be an inspiration and realized that, in spite of all the negative, problematic evils of the world, there is one constant heart beating, echoing across the globe that reminds me why every day is truly a blessing.

The first journal is actually a mini composition notebook - it measures 3-1/4" x 4-1/2" while the one below is a 5" x 7" spiral bound. I must have neglected to size the images correctly when scanning or saving in Photoshop. You get the idea:) Happy creating and enjoy the remainder of OWOH. Oh, and thanks for reading!


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