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Sunday, January 3, 2010

What's Right with the World

During my rounds I'm finding that a lot of fellow bloggers are tossing resolution lists in favor of creative new ideas for enhancing life and art.
Patti Digh author extraordinaire of Life is a Verb, said that along with taking on, she also thinks about letting go... a negative that is weighting her buoyancy.
This afternoon I read
Jen Worden's fabulous post about her selection of a word that will serve as a theme for the coming year.
In December, Lani Puppetmaker started pairing her morning pages (delightful, amazing collages) with a series of Rev O' Lutions, qualities she wants to focus on in the coming year. While on her blog yesterday I watched a powerful video that captured my attention and underscores my beliefs for the coming year, for every day, for life.
I made a list of the values that I want to enhance, strengthen in my art, family and life. Then, when I watched the video I knew I was on the right track. I believe in doing whatever possible to make a difference in this world; I often get frustrated when I poke my head in the media and feel instantly overwhelmed by the problems, issues and wrongs on this planet. So I was delighted to accompany National Geographic photographer Dewitt Jones on a global journey as he talks about Celebrating What is Right with the World. Such power. I asked Lani if she minded my borrowing her post, which came to her from Adela, and she said of course - the more who see it the better.
My 'A' words for the year are certainly aligned with Dewitt Jones' philosophy; they are:
Awe (the list is abbreviated of course:)

I'd love your thoughts on the video and any plans you have (or not!) for enjoying the launch of 2010.


Mountain Woman said...

Beautiful post, beautiful video and beautiful thoughts.

I don't do New Year's resolutions ever nor do I spend a lot of time reflecting on the past. I try to learn from my mistakes as I make them and then appreciate each day for the beauty and potential it has. After losing someone dear to my heart very suddenly, I realize that we only have the moment we are in and to celebrate life every day. I too get overwhelmed by the negativity in the world but I believe that is not a true picture.
Thank you for your uplifting post.

Debrina said...

My resolutions are up on my blog - 8 servings of goals to achieve or maintain. One of them is to get back out on my bike - which I was actually doing just before new years anyway. That video is stunning! I'm also going to over to see what Lani has done. Oh, and I must apologise - I completely forgot to post about my art exchange goodies. Will hopefully remember to do it next week!

MiloMen said...

Follo me back...*_*

Ragamuffin Gal said...

I like the part of celebrating the "good" in our world for the coming year! Out of your A words I choose appreciation! Which I certainly can give right back to you! I appreciate your friendship and your blog posts which are always reflective and makes me think and hope! Love to you Patti!


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