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Thursday, January 7, 2010

beautiful bird house

I'm terribly remiss.... before the holidays (long before, like early November!) I participated in an art exchange of a different sort. I altered a small calendar and sent it to my pal Jill at Jazworks, and then invited six others to play. The result was an influx of beautiful pieces from around the globe. Most of the players displayed their treasures long ago, but, well, my life just doesn't seem to operate the way I want it to - events in order, when they are supposed to occur... oh well.

I don't want any more time to pass without showing off my treasures. I've been having issues with my camera, but Cynkowe Poletko, a prolific, fabulous artist from Poland took this wonderful photograph of the birdhouse she sent me, so I downloaded from her blog (with permission of course:). In her blog she shows the process she used to create this incredible piece and I feel very fortunate to display it for her. Take a peek and enjoy.

My kids are back in school and this was the week to resume. But then my daughter got sick, my son hurt is leg, my husband had an outpatient procedure and needed a responsible person to accompany him and chauffeur him home. Today is our first snow day. sigh.


Sharmon Davidson said...

Patti, the birdhouse is are the haiku. Did you write them?

winnsangels said...

Wonderful bird house. Kind of sounds like you have your hands extremely full - again.

Angel blessings dear.
Talk to you later.

Karin Bartimole said...

welcome to the new year?! sounds like you've had to dive right in!! Hope the weekend brings some peaceful moments.
I love your bird house from Cynkowe - too sweet, and nicely done photo!

La Dolce Vita said...

your bird house is a wonderful piece, now here's to hoping YOU get some peace! xo

Poetic Artist said...

I love the bird house..You seem to be having a fun 2010..LOL...
Yes it is snowing here in our state of AL.

jill Zaheer said...

What a beautiful birdcage from Cynkowe! Thanks for including the link to her blog for us to see the process she used to make it!
I love my journal-
haven't had the chance to enter a special thought for the month, but I will. Hectic time of year for everyone. Best wishes for a creative, happy, and healthy new year!

Singing in the new
Opening your heart to be
At peace with yourself. :)

Mountain Woman said...

Beautiful bird house. I remember snow days. The children were so happy, the moms not so much. I'm off to follow your link.

Ragamuffin Gal said...

The bird house is exquisite! What a great exchange! I'm glad you have a snow day ~ maybe you have some "just for me time" for which it sounds like you need it. Hope all of your family are well by now! Loving Blessings!


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