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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Some of us can't keep up with the essentials this time of year, let alone creating a virtual encyclopedia of tricks, techniques and handy ideas. If you don't know about Seth Apter's Secret Sunday, it's time. This is the fifth Sunday that he's posted a veritable wealth of info from artists of all media and style - with the previous weeks' treasures posted on his sidebar.
The blogs I've visited in the past hour(s) are brimming with creative works that make me long for a trip to the studio. Everyone seems so productive. I have been busy up there, finishing the commission of journals, projects in various stages that I hope will be wrapped up by Wednesday. Not a lot to show off though... hmmm, I posted a photo of the wreath on the front door, now maybe the fab swag I made to drape over the mantle? Or the sled I salvaged from a junk shop and embellished with pine cones and greenery... wait, I think Martha does that. And believe me, I am NO Martha (if she even is the maven of all things decor these days:)
At least I have had my fill of warmth, humor, art, creative thought and deed... here are some of the blogs I've visited:
Seth's Secret Sunday, one not to be missed!
Beyond Words, a video presentation of Karin's giveaway
Altered Bits, Alicia's confession of just how many projects she can work on at any given moment along with an admission of feeling a bit... flowery?
Mistress Debrina, whose cards and other gorgeous goodies await, and there's still time!
Retro Cafe Art Gallery - did Kris say German glass glitter? how many colors must I have...
The Poetic Artist - Katelen serves up some words to live by - such a creative inspiration
Ilka's Attic - Susan makes magic look SO easy
Jazworks - Jilly shows off her cache of papers from the Woven Letters swap (Lawendula is always working on something amazing)
Jasmine - her beautiful felt scarves (and showing off her winnings from Karin:)
Sharmon's study of all things rock
Soulbrush - I think I'd like to get in on the 6:6 adjective swap
La Dolce Vita - Cat and I definitely share in the philosophy that giving gifts of art or handmade treasure are so much more meaningful than racing through the mall just to check off the list (my words not hers:)
Each Day is a Present - a wonderful blog I just discovered thanks to a comment!
and Iona Drozda - a new friend I met through Karin who has such a warm depth and insight that radiates from her art and in the book she published, Twenty-Two Prayer Poems for Care Givers, which is on my nightstand.

I guess it's obvious why I'm not making art... I could go on, listing many more of the blogs I've been cruising in the world that has become community, such a big part of my life. One way to catch up on much needed rest without missing out:)

The energy sucked up by chronic illness would collectively fuel a rocket to Mars. But in the meantime, more than one party a day is too much for me. And three events I most wanted to attend this season are all taking place right now - Christmas caroling, a memorial service at the Hope Center for the homeless, and a party at my great friend Judi's that promises to rock the night away... sigh. But tomorrow I'll arise refreshed and ready to tackle the fifth day before Christmas?


Seth said...

So many little time! Thanks for this list of links -- some are new to me. And thank you for your kind words about The Altered Page and The Pulse!

jill z said...

Thanks for such a thoughtful, showcasing post of so many wonderful blogs- and thank you for allowing me to be a part of your world Roxanne. Working with you on our Innerworks collaboration and having the continuous gift to treasure your posts has been such a joy for me- and I'm so appreciative of the beauty in your art! Best wishes for a peaceful and blessed holiday.

La Dolce Vita said...

thank you sweet Patti, not only for the shout out, but also for your friendship this year, it is truly one of my blessings! and thanks for the list, yes ...I see we are visitors of many of the same sites but there are a couple new ones in there that I simply must check out! wouldn't it be fun to all plan a bloglandia conference and meet in person to art it up and generally have a blast! sigh,... one can DREAM!!!...xoxxo blessed Christmas!

winnsangels said...

Hello Patti. So missing our conversations. So understanding why.
Not certain when I'll have a moment to catch up with your posts. I want to squeeze in a couple more posts too before we leave for the farm on Wednesday. Well I can probably dream on.

Wishing you light and love and of course angels at this time of year when sometimes we forget or miss their presence.

Erika Cleveland said...

Oh, I am so moved that you added me to your wonderful list, Patti! Thank you. . I am going to look at the other blogs too that I am not familiar with.

This is such an incredible web of interconnection and I am talking more of an organic, warp and wefty kind of web.

I was not writing on my blog for a little while, life seems to interfere, both challenges and gifts, but now I am back and so grateful to the incredible gift of all you creative people out there!

Thank you!

Debrina said...

Hello Patti - speaking of cards, did Linda receive hers? I was a little bit worried that she may not get it before xmas afterall, as I delivered it from our school's mail centre and then realised (too late) that they were closing that afternoon! Well, if she hasn't received it yet, let me know and I'll personally deliver tomorrow. How's that?
Now - thanks for the shout out, Patti! Wow, you are such a lovely soul. I must also go and check Seth out and view thet next Secret Sunday!! You are such a generous soul, my friend, and you write so beautifully and meaningfully, you really are one in a million.
I hope you and your family have teh very best of xmases and a wonderful 2010!
Love Debs

Poetic Artist said...

Thank you for including me on your page.
I just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

merci33 said...

Hi Patti
I was reading along enjoying the great list of links and suddenly noticed that you also included mine...and a mention of my book...thank you so much for your generous spirit...I trust that the days leading up to the Christ-mass celebration have filled your heart well.

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful post! i love how you have showcased what everyone has been up to. i've started blogging again over the past few days after a several week hiatus, and am trying to catch up on reading, too. the holidays are just so insane and we had some family emergencies and last minute heaps of not quite expected company. i hope your holidays were lovely, and your new year fantastic!



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