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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

So many posts, so little time... there are the wonderful gifts I received from the art exchange, the lovely papers from (have already used) Poland, the paper swap that Lawendula organizes... photos of the journals that were so well received (someone asked if there were more... that's what every gallery owner wants to hear - YES:)
Or, the price of wreaths... I wanted a large, lush production for my front door but alas! Even at the wholesale place they were $70 and $85 for a finished piece. Yikes. Not happening. So, I bought a fresh one while we were getting our tree, dug around in my supply bin and here it is, my $14 special!
I hope you are all coping well with seasonal issues, making a bit of time for art (time? gifts?) and for friends and traditions - old and new.
I hear the brushes rattling in the jar... it's December 16 and you aren't finished.... so for now, bye and blessings, much love ~


Jill z said...

What a beautiful wreath with that silky ribbon, festive balls, stars to twinkle and pine cones to shine! A wonderful welcome to a smiling winter season!

Wondrous holiday
You are here so soon so near
Gently for our hearts.

Jasmine said...

Making things yourself is so much better if you the time. Much much better.

Sharmon Davidson said...

the wreath looks awesome! It's great that your work was so well received at the gallery- did they ask for more? Just what you have time for at Christmas, right? LOL Congratulations!

Poetic Artist said...

Your wreath is just beautiful..Much better than the $80one.
Take care,

La Dolce Vita said...

pretty wreath my dear! I felt the same, I made a fresh swag for the door and it looks great too. go slow and take your time, stress is not good for or not xoxo

soulbrush said...

how absolutely lovely this all is.

soulbrush said...

tee hee you are so funny.

Seth said...

Handmade and homemade...your wreath is quite beautiful. And I like the Haiku touch on your sidebar!

merci33 said...

your wreath is so much more interesting...cause it has its own story!!
happy holiday

Erika C. said...

What a great idea to photograph your tree! I am going to do that. Ours is such a medley of kid art projects, hand me downs and the new ornaments we make and purchase each year.

My mom is German so when I was little we had real candles and she made and taught us to make ornaments out of straw, clay, paper. Wonderful!

I am also on 14 Secrets.


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