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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy the Clown Saves the Day!

What do you do when life throws you a curve? Create, console, consult, make a clown? Lately I haven't had to go far to see how many of my art/blog and other buds are dodging so much... stuff. Pain - from the life threatening to moderate discomfort is, of course, part of life. My prayer list grows, though fortunately my gratitude list is longer.

I've been away from the computer (and behind, again, on swaps, projects and sending a package to my new friend Wendy in Saskatchewan) tending to my own DH, who is weathering a back trauma unlike any he's ever experienced. Several bulging disks and one herniated disk that triggered sciatica have, until today, rendered him completely immobile, except for the writhing pain of trying to find a position that hurts a little less. We are hopeful that the relief granted by a fabulous, tiny Indian woman (physician:) who administered a guided injection/epidural yesterday, is the beginning of his recovery and that our appointment tomorrow with the neurosurgeon will be for treatment protocol only.

One of the only things I had completely finished was my polymer clay workshop project. A week or so ago, Debbie and I got together in her cozy, warm studio and stitched on arms and wings and things that looked like feet, and adorned our 'creatures' with baubles and beads. I had no problem, well, not a big one:) anyway, when I finished my scrappy, happy little clown; being the ace sculptor that she is, Debbie didn't benefit from her ideas about the perfection of limbs and such. I had to make her repaint on the loud, clangy oranges and reds; we realized her clay clown was evolving into one of her amazing raku princesses and we had a good laugh.

The imperfect and the perfect are really just ideas after all, and life is still what happens when we're making other plans. Hopefully we remember the important, stay
connected and our circles widen, open into the universe and our prayers are all heard and answered as they are meant to be.

So hugs and blessings to all who are waiting for test results, new treatments to work, hearts to mend, business to pick up, or just having a lonely day. Thanks be to God for clowns and the creative process that keeps us all sane.


Jasmine said...

happy clown making :)

Karin Bartimole said...

Sending hopes for healing sans-surgery.
love your colorful clown :) xoxo K

La Dolce Vita said...

thank you! yes lets send in the clowns! xo

Nathalie Thompson said...

Love your "Happy". Makes me want to pull out my *bling*-iest materials and go to town!

winnsangels said...

Hi Patti. Loving your happy clowns ~ so good for you to have a laugh.
And yes, so many to keep in prayer. Hoping that all went well with the neurosurgeon.

Angels be with you

soulbrush said...

oh patti, i am so sorry that it is 'raining' so hard in your life.xx

Lisa Simon said...

I LOVE your doll! It really turned out great. I'm so proud!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

This whimsical doll is delightful ~ she makes me smile each time I look at her! XO


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