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Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Dish on the Divas... (what's the red dot?!)

Hard to believe a week has flown by since the opening of the Dishy Divas show, and a fabulous event it was... wine and hors d'oeuvres, photographers from Skirt Magazine and a great turnout. Jim was proud of me for not being nervous or piling stuffed mushrooms on a plate for ammo; we stayed for half an hour and the kids were hungry so we walked a couple of blocks to a restaurant and enjoyed a family dinner... no adolescent bickering, and the kids did great too!

At the opening, I only spent 5 minutes back in the area where my collage and journals were displayed; they are in very good company, surrounded by several of Rodney Hatfield's paintings - I urge you to click on the link and take a look at his amazing art. Sold and exhibited nationally, we've followed his career for years. I was fortunate (smart:) enough to purchase a small sculpture of his about ten years ago, a Christmas gift (and inspiration) for my talented artist-husband Jim!

My mother was disappointed that she couldn't come, so the next day I stopped back by the gallery to take a few photos. I clicked away, waiting for Frankie and Laura to finish with a client, without noticing the red dot on the card by my journals. Then they told me that a woman had bought both journals (the tall, narrow ones), and ORDERED SIX MORE. I'm still in shock, since I hadn't really expected to sell anything, thankful just to be included in a show with such amazing and talented artists. So, off to Michaels' - hopefully they still have those journals in the dollar bin:) and time to get to work!

The above paintings, by my good friend and art angel Debbie Westerfield, were finished just in time for the opening. They are fabulous and the light/photograph just doesn't do them justice!

New Editions Gallery owner Frankie (right) and manager Laura (left), dressed for clean up, were embarrassed that I was taking their photo sans heels and arty clothes they'd worn the night before. I assured them of their stunning beauty 24-7.

The sculpture on the right is one Rodney Hatfield constructed using river wood... to die for! Makes me glad that Jim and I dragged all those pieces of wood back from the lake:) The number of artists represented in the show and the myriad interpretations of figurative are amazing. And, so are all of you, who laughed with me at my last post and wrote kind words of support. What an incredible beginning!


La Dolce Vita said...

congratulations! I am so happy for you on all counts!
yes, we LOVE red dots and collectors who make it all possible. it is so fun to get paid to do what we love to do!!! cheers! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Congratulations ;-)

The photographs are superb! Thanks for sharing this with us ;-)

quiltchick said...

Congratulations Patti, beautiful artwork from everyone and how wonderful to have sold your journals and to have more ordered. It's great to have your work appreciated. Well don. :)

Anonymous said...

sounds like a great show. wish i could see it in person - but I am enjoying your photos.

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Fabulous journals ~ I can see why she would want them and many more!
You are a Fabulous artist and Friend! Blessings!

Debrina said...

Yay you!!!! Congratulations on the exhibition and your success Patti! You must be just stoked!

Btw, hop on over to Altered Bit's have a special friend's request.

(Ha. My verification word is "haute".)

Karin Bartimole said...

As you know, I am thrilled to the core for you Patti!! I think it's a fabulous beginning to your exhibition career - here's to many more successes and celebrations! xox K

Karen Mireau, Founder of Bio.Graphia said...

Patti . . . I am sure that none of us is surprised by this fantastic success! You have been working so hard and with such pure intent, that it seems completely natural that this energy is bringing you the rewards you deserve. You are marvelous, Darling! With much love and admiration, Karen.

Anonymous said...

wow, big congrats, lady! i'm not at all surprised though -- your journals are fantastic!


Lucy said...

Congratulations Patti on a terrific exhibit and for the subsequent sales!! How exciting!
I'm sorry I haven't been by lately, my blog visits in general have been spotty over this last month with moving and packing. I hope to get back into the swing of things before long because I miss you and all of my blog buddies!!!


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