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Sunday, July 26, 2009

"Old" Favorites

I didn't sign up in time for the second round of Seth Apter's Buried Treasure, a fun and very collaborative project for sure. Seth posted some amazing art that he's done and I've enjoyed treasure hunting, found many new bloggers... Who knew that there could be so many amazing people out there, creating, opening their worlds and lives for people like me. 
If you haven't made the rounds yet, I encourage you, no urge you to pay a visit to some of the many wonderful arty, fun, incredible artists out there. Grab a mug of freshly brewed coffee - or tea - or your favorite afternoon beverage, curl up with your computer and go to the Altered Page, get started, you won't be disappointed!

When I chose favorite posts for the first round, I focused on the writing... probably since I've been a writer all my life. Even though I didn't sign up for the "Revisited" tour, I decided to post a couple of old favorite collages. I have to laugh as I say that, because I've only been making art for three years; something that surprised me, though, was that, the work I'm doing now is more polished for sure, but I actually have a style (wrong word, I'm sure!). My choice of colors, theme, imagery in these pieces are not far from what's on the table now. Hopefully it won't sit there too much longer - ha.
I have been in a creative funk of sorts lately, lacking in direction, feeling like I've been all over the map: a lightswitch plate cover here, magnet/hanging puzzle piece there, a dabble in assemblage (thanks Michael deMeng and Random Arts), but when I look at the work together, it does kinda appear that the same person (albeit multi-personalitied:) created the work.

What I have come to realize, however, is that I've been really busy learning technique, process, acquiring a (ahem) LOT of supplies and stuff and experimenting on lots of media. Now it's time to go to the heart and see what has yet to be discovered and translated with paint, rusty stuff, photography and words. Thanks for stopping by and have a day of creating, adventure, quiet introspection, connection, wherever your heart takes you!


Karin Bartimole said...

Hey Patti, I recognize your style, too - and I think *style* is a great word! These revisits are delightful - I really like the book cover. I am truly impressed by what you've accomplished in these three short years. You make a really good point - you've been educating yourself with a lot of technique learning. I don't remember knowing what the heck I wanted to really do with my art for a lot longer than 3 years after my true education began. It takes time, feeling confident in process helped to free my voice for content, if that makes sense. Bottom line, I hope you see how wonderful your work is and send kudos to your creative spirit!! If she's anything like mine, she'll find her way out of the funk, just when you aren't looking :)

Poetic Artist said...

Just keeping looking for your self and you will find where you belong in your art..I know my self I have been in the same area. Your work is wonderful.

PCarriker said...

Lovely work Patti! Wasn't this a fun adventure?

3rdEyeMuse said...

I'm really glad you still chose to dig up a few more treasures ... I especially like the first piece ... makes me even more curious to see what you're creating now. :)

WrightStuff said...

I like your style. Real fun and fresh. You sound like me - I have got so many un-used supplies but I am finally getting stuck in. This evening I used some paint I found where the label had fallen off so I had no idea what it was. Still none the wiser! It is very thick and sticky. I have a feeling it may be ceramic paint!

Ginny Gaskill said...

Enjoyed the collages. Love the color palette.

Kelly said...

I glad you decided to post some past work anyway. I love your collages, so fun and delightful.


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