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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Me Hold

I found a board book at our local bookstore, part of the Rainbow Fish series; every page has a giant puzzle piece that pops out. And it was on the clearance table! Naturally I bought three:) It's really hard to find puzzles with pieces big enough to work with, so this was an incredible find! Like altering a board book, a bit of light sanding and gesso and it's the perfect substrate for a multitude of layers - paint, collage, more sanding, more paint, gel and adhesive... tough and thick enough to handle it all. I had a fabulous time making this, Hold Me, the fourth collage in the colors I've been working in - rich ochre and gold and yellows with green and hints of red. I think I'm ready to move on to a new palette, when I get studio time that is.

This piece is another for the Resilience Art workshop I'm taking, which, alas, I have fallen behind in, along with just about every other area of my life. Who doesn't have too much on their agenda? The last weeks of school mean a flurry of concerts, ceremonies and special events; we're in production week for my daughter's upcoming performance in the ballet, Sleeping Beauty. Tights, false eyelashes, makeup, bobby pins and hairspray, helping with costumes. Then there's planning summer vacation, activities for the kids, weddings, the home improvement projects that my husband is itching to tackle. 

And it's the week I hand over the introduction (along with the other sections that I'm ghost writing) for the book of panoramic photographs, Kentucky Wide II, scheduled for release in October. All 5,000 copies of the original Kentucky Wide (2006) sold, so I'm fortunate to have another piece of writing published.

I may be a lot busier than usual, but it's all good. No complaints! I'm looking forward to sleeping in, not worrying about packing lunches and checking homework, spending time at the pool. I may have fewer hours in the studio but my kids are growing up so fast that every time I start to grumble I remember the fleeting years of youth, and turn my attention back to the bittersweet years of early adolescence. They still want me around and from what I've seen and heard that may not last, so I'll enjoy it while I can. Happy June! 



Karin said...

what a perfect find! and I'm thinking the empty spaces left behind in the board book are calling for filling, too :) perhaps an altered book project?!?
Congrats on the Kentucky WIde II project - the photos are beautiful from the link you provide.
I'm hoping you'll be posting photos from Sleeping Beauty, right? Hope all goes well over your busy next weeks and the rewards of late mornings and vacation time are sweet!
xox K

quiltchick said...

Fabulous images and textures Patti. It ties in nicely with your other pieces.

kt said...

Oh, I loved this idea--the collage is really nice but the colors are my favorite family--so warm and glowing.
As to those teens, oh, yes, they will be off before you know it. Mine graduated High School and all of a sudden she has her college degree--where has the time gone? It's not that they don't want us around it's that they make so many friends and get into so many activities that they haven't the same amount of time for us. Normal and wonderful but bittersweet, too!

katie jane said...

Gosh, you sound like you are up to your eyelashes yourself, in projects and activities. I'll bet you are looking forward to summer.

Love the altered puzzle piece. And your HOME tags are wonderful. I love things with a "home" theme.

I hope you can take a breath soon, but enjoy the fun while it lasts.

Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

Gorgeous piece Patti! I love the colors and texture. I hope you're doing great!


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