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Friday, June 12, 2009

Art on Stage

Anyone who has a daughter - or son - with a passion for performing arts understands the energy, dedication, aching feet, tears, exhaustion and adrenalin.... and then there were Alice's issues to cope with - ha. The past two weeks have revolved around the production and performance of Sleeping Beauty. I help with costumes and work backstage until the last performance, which I then enjoy with dh and my son and other friends and family. I could fill pages with the delight, pride and amazement at my daughter's growth, both as a dancer and a young lady. Quite simply, she blew me away.

This was her second performance en pointe and her grace and poise were stunning. These photos were taken at dress rehearsal by one of my best friends, who also happens to be a commercial photographer. I just finished writing the introduction for Jeff's second book of panoramic photographs, Kentucky Wide II. So, I haven't spent much time in the Altered Attic. But it has been worth every moment, especially due to the fact that, in addition to dancing the role of Lilac Attendant with the rest of her group, she had her first solo role.

I still haven't figured out why Little Red Riding Hood attends the wedding of Sleeping Beauty and the Prince, along with Puss and Boots and several other special guests, but this choreography was taken directly from the classical ballet, so, who am I to question?! She was quite nervous about dancing on stage solo, but we were all pleasantly surprised to find out that, in addition to dancing, she also shows great promise as an actress. (the drama at home should have been a clue). 

7 comments: said...

This is just wonderful, Patti. Alice looks so gorgeous and professional, but it's no wonder, with a mom like you!

Love you all!


Poetic Artist said...

So full of artful beauty.
I just found your blog and it is a joy to find.

katie jane said...

She is simply stunning! Such a beauty. You must be extremely proud. I certainly would be.

Karin Bartimole said...

You are too funny (the drama at home should have been a clue)!! She knows how to make it work for her :) simply beautiful - truly. These images capture her grace and complete immersion in her roles so wonderfully, I'm sure they will be forever treasured! Thanks for sharing them with us! xox K

Elizabeth Golden said...

Wow, Patti this is so cool. Enjoy every moment. What a lovely young woman. With you as her guide I can understand the creativity. The costumes are delightful, what a lot of work, practice that went in to all of this.Amazing.

Anonymous said...

She's so lovely!!!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

I love your pictures of your beautiful ballerina!


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