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Saturday, April 25, 2009

While visiting Leah at Creative Every Day, I noticed she is running a special in her gallery. I also watched this video clip of Jonas Girard in which he describes his painting process. Told at art school to find a different career he ignored them, fortunately, and pursued a prolific career in his Asheville, NC studio. What is it about art and North Carolina?! 
What I like most about watching Girard work is his total abandon, lack of planning, letting the colors speak to him and decide what comes next. Leah incorporates this in her Art Picnic Class, to help artists find and become grounded in their intuition, unblock, get creative and play. She's holding a class today so it may be too late, depending upon where you live - but check it out.  
I'd planned to participate but have been sick for nearly 10 days with an upper respiratory virus that kicks a lot of butt. My son was sick this week and DH began feeling it last night. We're all holding our breath around my daughter, who is in the thick of her rehearsals for the upcoming production of Sleeping Beauty, a difficult classical ballet that is stretching her artistically and physically, a delight to watch.
I am signed on for Lani Gerity's Resilience Through Art class, scheduled to begin on May 4th. In the introduction to the class, she asks: Do you feel that you'd like to learn to use your own strengths and artistic passion to create a happy life? Do you feel as though you have answers within, if only you had the tools to find them? Would you like 3 months worth of exercises, prompts, and support that will help you feel stronger, happier, and more resilient? My answers? Yes, and yes! I can't wait. Her newest e-course is only one of the many Lani, art therapist extraordinaire, has designed to improve the quality and happiness in our artistic lives. 
One last note, pal Jodi Ohl, Sweet Repeatshas been working feverishly to prepare for her first major outdoor show, again in North Carolina. Best of luck Jodi!


katie jane said...

I have seen this fellow on CBS Sunday Morning. He is a character, isn't he? You sure manage to stay busy. How do you find time for all you do?

Jennifer Williams "Blueskysunburn" said...

Okay girl, just a heads up! The yellow font looks great on the black background but right now it's showing up as yellow and you can't read a lick of it in feed burner.

I'll be back in a bit to read your post but I wanted to make sure you knew about this first. ;)

Leah said...

Thanks for the mentions, Patti!! I will be doing another Art Picnic class next month and more in the future, so perhaps I'll "see" you at one of those!

I do hope you're feeling much better. Being sick is so draining. Take extra good care of yourself! And enjoy the class with Lani. It sounds fabulous!!

Lucy said...

I love how Girard paints and he is quite a character. I like what he says about just trying to quiet the worries and let go....that is what much of this is all about :) Thanks for the mention patti, the show went well!


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