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Saturday, April 11, 2009

when one door closes

I've had a fascination with doors since the 80s, when I photographed with a medium format and printed my own black and whites. I saw this last week, while we were at the lake, and it called out to me. After I snapped the photograph - not even with my good camera, I started looking around for other subjects. As any of you photo-hounds know, there is never any shortage of subject matter, no matter where you are!

After we got back, I was visiting one of my favorite blogs,  The Last Door Down the Hall, Elizabeth Golden is a truly gifted artist; she even gives away cool vintage images on a regular basis! Sure enough, there was a fabulous image of a door that I'd highly recommend viewing, along with the rest of her wonderful collection of photos and art. 

While at the lake we were lucky enough to spot deer that were nice enough to stand still; I had to take the photo in low light from quite a distance. These days, maybe deer aren't altogether fascinating - my good friend in Minnesota has totaled 2 cars thanks to their lack of traffic savvy (the deer that is:), but being a city dweller I marveled at their beauty, the dance of the cardinals, the daily visits from the woodpeckers chipmunks, and even the fish that my father-in-law desperately tried to befriend.
My son had been out roaming on the golf cart when he spotted the deer, so my daughter and Leo, the dog, had to come along - once I squeezed in that was one crowded golf cart. The deer were probably stunned at the sight.
No lake trip is complete with out a fishing expedition and since the water was 50 degrees we didn't battle the usual crowds. Lake Cumberland is one of the largest human-made lakes in the country; a few years ago they lowered the water to make badly needed repairs to the dam. My father-in-law said that if it doesn't hold, there's enough water to flood Nashville. Not a pretty thought, one that I kept reminding myself of as I cruised with my DH and kids along a lake with an adjustable water level.

Last but certainly not least, no outing is complete without a trip to the country thrift store. I found coasters, an old wood box, vintage lace, light switch plates, an old beaded basket, funky jewelry and a princess gown. It just happened to fit my darling daughter, Alice, who hasn't worn anything as stunning since those long-ago dress up days. It cost a bit more than we thought reasonable so I didn't buy it until she and my mother-in-law went to the car. After we got back and she saw the bag I'd scrunched up, she squealed, then transformed and we went to the woods for a photo shoot. 

She's growing up so fast, more changes this year than any other since birth. Fortunately I'm old enough to understand the value of cherishing every single moment with her and I'm grateful to have been included in most all the 'firsts.' I have to admit, though, that with the parenting techniques designed to teach independence also come tears, hidden of course. All too soon she'll be dressing like this for special occasions and I'll be waving, from the other side of the door.


Karin said...

What fun!! thanks for taking us on your lake trip with you :) Your daughter looks beautiful in her gorgeous beaded dress - I blew up the photo and sow all the details, it really is pretty.
I'm still enamored with deer, too, even though they, along with wild turkeys and coyotes, have managed to find their way into our busy neighborhood. A beautiful creature is a beautiful creature!
Happy Easter my friend, I hope you have a peaceful and loving one with your family. xox Karin

Tani said...

Thanks, by the way, for noting it's the deer who lack traffic savvy... :)

Fun to read...seeing your family...xo

katie jane said...

Oh Patti! She is such a treasure. I can see why you went the extra mile to get this dress for her. One can tell that she loves it and it fits her beautifully. definately an album of treasured photos. So glad you all had such a wonderful time at the lake. It is beautiful down there. Happy Easter

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how much Alice has grown up since just last year! Wonderful to see her beauty caught in that dress in such a great environment! But, you know I'm sentimental like that! Kristyn

soulbrush said...

what lovey photos patti, loved the photos hoot too, such a beauty. yes cherish her, they grow up all too soon.
and that blue door is magnificent I did a post on doors in london a few weeks ago).


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