Patti Edmon Altered Attic: Happy April

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy April

My good friend and art angel, Debbie Westerfield, had her paintings printed in a CD-sized, 2009 calendar - I just love April and must say, the umbrella is most apropos! She also needs a fur coat, though, since it's supposed to snow later today! 
I call her my art angel because I've known her for years; she used to have a gallery and sold several of my husband's paintings. She is an accomplished artist in many media and has sold at market in New York and exhibited in Chicago and just about everything in between. Shortly before I started dabbling in mixed media I stopped by her studio and she had a piece fresh from the frame shop. It spoke to me in a language I didn't then understand, and still have a bit of trouble with - it spoke of the longing, the need, the passion to reach, to create, to feel the exhilaration that flows through the veins when a new technique is mastered, a piece completed.
I asked her the price and it was more than I could afford at the time; a short time later she and a couple of other gals picked me up for lunch and she handed it to me, a gift. Since that time I have shown my work in her studio during Gallery Hop and she has supported me in so many ways, sharing knowledge and treating me like a peer, though her work is in collections across the country. She's kind and gracious and funny and we have such a good time together. If I had known back then that I would be this involved in art, well, that's the wonder of life isn't it... we never can see far enough ahead to envision where the road will ends up, but the journey certainly is fascinating.


Karin said...

How wonderful to have such a good friend and support to your passion - someone who speaks to your heart with the unspoken languages is very special. I'm glad you have your generous Debbie in your life - you deserve her :)
As for this weather, ditto up here! wet brrrrr yuck. Happy spring!!!

katie jane said...

Oh Patti, this painting is wonderful. I went to her website and I love her art style. I especially love the fairy painting. How lucky you are to have her for your friend.

Ragamuffin Gal said...

What a WoNdeRfuL story about your Art Angel ~ We can certainly all use art angels in our lives! You have been such an encouragement to me that you have been like an Art Angel too! Your words and your Art are very inspiring! Blessings! Katie

Contessa Kris said...

What a gorgeous piece by your friend and what a wonderful friend she seems to be. It's always nice when we find those people who make a big impact on our lives.

Lucy said...

Your friend does sound like a true Angel in art and life. it is a wonderful gift when someone comes into our lives and leads us in the direction that we are supposed to be in with simple random acts of kindness and generosity. The journey is fascinating.


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