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Thursday, March 5, 2009

harbingers of spring

There are signs of spring.... crocuses frozen in clusters of tiny pearls, the slant of light not nearly as harsh in the late afternoon, the remnants of our ice storm finally cleared. I photographed this piece of ice a week or so ago, still in the yard plastered to the leaf that gives it its shape. Up at 1:30 this morning, for some unknown and unusual reason, I messed with it a bit in photoshop, thought I'd present it, an offering to the receding winter, one that has been a real dandy.
The ice on my front porch did make a nice backdrop for the bracelet that broke... slid off my wrist as I was flinging my keys in the direction of the front door. boo. One of my favorites, though I must admit, I do love this photograph. Having found most all the parts, one day I may repair it so that I can enjoy wearing it again.

I suppose that making a cool photo from a broken bracelet is one way of finding treasure where I stumble (no, I didn't fall:). Blessings can be difficult to spot amid the travels of daily life, though being the parent of two adolescents makes it highly necessary. 
I am lucky that I won't have to wait until they're fully grown to see evidence of my mistakes... the times I wanted to save them from heartache, disappointment, frustrations, unknowingly robbing them of the lessons that, once learned, can last a lifetime. They are a lot harder to teach once the eye-rolling and exaggerated gasps are firmly in place. For me anyway. My bad.
I might as well admit that I love that corny saying that yesterday is forever gone, tomorrow never comes and today is called the present because it's a gift opened one day at a time. That's usually all I can manage anyway! Can you tell this morning wasn't stellar? I am heading up to the Altered Attic to vent a little more, this time on canvas. I hope your day is filled with meaning, wonder and the harbingers of spring.


Karen Mireau, Founder of Bio.Graphia said...

An ice leaf . . . what a perfect image for the delicate, ephemeral passage of winter-into-spring, as Dylan Thomas said, 'the force that through the green fuse drives the flower' . . . and I love the bracelet shattering, ready to be reassembled into something new . . . so evocative of all you are doing in your life now! Love, Karen

Renee said...

Thank you for sharing the ice leaf. I love it.

Have yourself a wonderful day.


Woody Berry said...

Before I read any of your words, I immediately saw one of those medieval tombs that house a saint...her head is so clear at the bottom left of the photo,her heart is the most predominant part of her body...and yet from below, the green of new life is pushing through, giving no doubt that God is the very ground of our being and will not allow us to lie in the grave, but insists upon life, resurrection, new birth, spring once again.... you see the ice melting as a harbinger of spring, and I see life coming forth in you as a harbinger of a new season bursting to life within!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Made for beautiful photos and great words ~ I love how you weave Art, Life, and Faith all together! Blessings,


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